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If you’ve been following my Bionova posts, you already know how different their products are.  If you haven’t been following, make sure you FIRST read Bionova: The Next Generation in Skincare, then read Bionova Nano Skin Tech: First Impression, THEN come back here.  I know that’s a lot of reading, but trust me, this company REALLY IS THAT DIFFERENT!  🙂

Bionova’s doctors recommended that I use the Bio 1 Act Bioactive Facial Mask for Oily Skin once each week. This mask eliminates excess oil that can block the pores, promoting fresh-looking skin. It contains Nano-Complexes with water and oil-soluble vitamins along with their co-enzymes, free radical scavengers, and bioflavonoids to promote better skin tone. Additionally, the mask helps revitalize the complexion, rejuvenate texture, reduce irritation, clear congestion, prevent breakouts, and smooth the skin.

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The Nano-Complexes in Bionova’s mask are made of substances that are found naturally in the human body. These substances are included in each product in precise quantities and ratios that are appropriate for each purpose. For example, the formula for eye cream for dry skin will be different from the formula for an oily T-zone.

When looking at the ingredient list, there are some that I’m sure you will find familiar, such as tocopheryl (Vitamin E), Sodium Hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), collagen, and hydrolyzed elastin. There are also some that will probably sound less familiar, or unknown to many people- such as glutathione (Bionova, n.d.).

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Now, if you do an internet search for skincare ingredients that actually work, you will find peptides are one of the most important. Glutathione is a peptide- more specifically, a tripeptide. Peptides play different roles in the body, some affect hormones, while others affect the skin. Glutathione is not just a peptide, it also serves as a powerful antioxidant that helps the skin (Truth in Aging, 2015).

You will also see an ingredient called acetyl cysteine, which has several benefits. It functions as an antioxidant, helps prevent photo aging from UV rays, and it boosts the levels and performance of glutathione (Truth in Aging, 2015). Nifty how that works, huh? Bionova utilizes the ingredients needed, in very specific levels, for optimum performance.

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The best thing about this mask is they recommend you relax your facial muscles for 15-20 minutes to allow the ingredients to penetrate better.  So… RELAX.  Doctors orders!  The thing I like second best about Bionova’s mask is that it does not dry out or harden on my skin. It stays moist and pliable, so it doesn’t pull or tug on my face. It also rinses off very easily without having to wipe or scrub with a cloth. Afterward, my skin is left smooth and soft, but not tight or stripped. Perfection. I usually use a mask of some sort three or four times per week. I have used the Bionova mask once, four days ago, and have not felt the need to use it, or any other mask, again yet. This tells me that my skin has been getting what it needs and is happy, which in turn makes ME happy.

I will be posting about other Bionova products as well as my results, so keep checking back!

Bionova products are available at, Barney’s, and directly from Bionova.

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    • Hi Kaity! I presume you’re referring to the purging/cleansing phase… When starting a good skincare regimen, often impurities and toxins are drawn to the surface. I got a very light breakout, but it was over and gone within a day or so. Not much to worry about, just don’t start a new regimen right before a big event! Keep checking back, I’ll be doing a posting about this topic! 🙂

    • Hello, DKO! Some acne is due to oily skin, but other factors, such as hormones and irritation, can cause it, too. If you have severe acne, it’s always best to contact your doctor. But, as far as cleansers go, Bionova’s customer service can help you determine exactly what type of cleanser you need.

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