Review: Best of Kenra Professional Hairsprays



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If you saw our post on the Kenra Platinum Revive line (read it here) and the Kenra Platinum Snail CC Crème (read it here), then you know how awesome this brand is.  Needless to say, I was pretty excited when they sent me five of their best hairsprays to try out!  (It just so happened that Jerry and I both were running low!)

The hairsprays I received are Kenra Perfect Medium Spray 13, Kenra Volume Spray 25, Kenra Ultra Freeze Spray 30, Kenra Platinum HiDEF Spray 16, and Kenra Platinum Finishing Spray 26.  The thing I like about this variety is that there’s a spray to suit most all of our needs, so we can experience the brand in all conditions and styles.  So, keep on reading to learn all about ‘em!

Kenra Perfect Medium Spray 13

This fast-drying, medium-hold hairspray provides styling control while still being light enough for a brush-through, touchable hold.  It’s purported to control without being stiff, and leaves a high shine finish (Henkel, 2017).

Kenra Perfect Medium Hair Spray 13

Jerry and both really like this formula.  His hair is just past his shoulders, and mine is very long.  We both tend to get flyaways around our faces, and the Kenra Perfect Medium Spray 13 does a great job of controlling those pesky hairs, but our hair can still move and swing freely.  It’s not sticky, and our hair stays soft-to-touch.

A few times a week, I heat style my hair with either a flat iron or a curling iron.  Sometimes, if we’re going to be gone all day, I spray my hair with hairspray prior to using an iron. Yeah, I know, that’s bad, but I don’t do this very often, and it’s really the only way to control my hair for a longer period of time.  If I want more of a wavy look, I use this with my curling iron, as it will control the flyaways, but the hold is light enough that the curls loosen up into touchable waves almost right away.

Kenra Volume Spray 25

This spray results in maximum volume and hold, while imparting the strength necessary for any style to last all day- up to 120 hours.  It’s also wind-resistant up to 25 mph and provides 24 hours of humidity resistance.  It leaves a natural, shiny finish, is flake-free and fast-drying (Henkel, 2017).

Kenra Volume hair spray 25

This hairspray made it incredibly easy to go from a day look to an evening look.  After curling my hair and using the medium hold spray for day, I used this on my roots along with a blow dryer.  I ended up with fabulous, head-turning volume.

I don’t normally use hairsprays with a very strong hold.  I only shampoo my hair every other day, and use a conditioning wash on “off” days, and strong hold sprays tend to leave more residue.  I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have as much with this, and it was pretty easy to brush out.

Kenra Ultra Freeze Spray 30

Kenra Ultra Freeze Spray 30 is a long-lasting, ultra-firm hold hairspray that locks styles into place.  The formula dries fast, defines, sculpts and “freezes” hair while providing a high shine, flake-free, humidity resistant finish (Henkel, 2017).

Kenra Ultra Freeze hair spray 30

When I think of freeze sprays, I think back to the 80s when I was an adolescent/pre-teen.  Big hair (VERY big hair) with “wings” was THE “thing’ back then.  Bangs would be teased as high as possible, then freezing spritz would be used.  Sides were “winged’ out- meaning they were held out away from our head with a comb, sprayed with freezing spray, then blow dried close-up to lock into place. Even the gustiest winds wouldn’t ruin our hair.  The problem was that the spray would often end up flaking, and just looked bad- as if the hairstyles didn’t look bad enough on their own…lol!

I don’t use this strong of a hairspray much anymore, because I don’t have a lot of need to do so.  But, several years ago, we had an 80s “Tacky Prom” event, and my friend who owned a salon brought some freeze spray.  I couldn’t believe how different the formula was- not nearly as flaky as the old stuff!

Now, I use stronger hold hairsprays when I’m going to be outside for extended periods of time so the wind and humidity don’t destroy my ‘do as easily.  I found that the Kenra Ultra Freeze Spray 30 held my hair just as well as those sprays in the 80s, but without any of the stickiness or flakes.  I could easily brush it out at the end of the day, no problems.

Kenra Platinum HiDEF Spray 16

This hairspray is light-diffusing and has a matte, flake-free finish that holds undone, tousled styles.  It’s humidity resistant, brushable, and dries instantly to leave an airy, windblown finish (Henkel, 2017).

Kenra Platinum HiDef Hairspray 16

One of my fave ways to wear my hair is natural waves.  I don’t blow-dry, I simply use a leave-in conditioner, along with a beach wave spray that uses algae instead of salt (not drying like salt is), then I use hairspray to ensure the waves stay.

I’m so in love with this hairspray!  It does a great job of keeping my waves looking fresh and natural, and staves off the humidity of Louisiana.  I’m impressed that it performs so well, while at the same time remaining touchable and soft.

Kenra Platinum Finishing Spray 26

Last, but not least, Finishing Spray 26 is the ultimate firm hold hairspray, as it not only provides maximum control, but long-lasting lift and style retention.  The humidity resistant, fast-drying formula leaves a high shine finish.  Plus, unlike those max hold sprays I used in the 80s, this formula is completely shampoo soluble (Henkel, 2017)!

Kenra Platinum Finishing Spray 26

This formula has a hold that’s strong, but not quite as much as the Ultra Freeze.  When I don’t feel like doing my hair, I often put it back into a pony tail or a bun.  Since the front is slightly shorter, and I have a few flyaways, along with having recently grown out my “sideburns,” I need to be able to hold this all into place.

When I put my hair back, the Kenra Platinum Finishing Spray 26 does an excellent job of keeping my flyaways and shorter hairs in place.  Looking like a late 80s Robert Palmer girl has never been so easy!  Plus, it’s easy to wash out without having to triple shampoo…lol!

Kenra hairsprays me

I’ve really enjoyed testing out these hairsprays.  I don’t think I really have a favorite, as they all performed equally well- they just have different uses.  The two that I’ll probably be using the most for the time being, though, are the Platinum HiDEF Spray 16, and the Platinum Finishing Spray 26, simply because those are most useful for the styles I currently wear most often.  As it gets more hot and humid, I’ll probably be using the Ultra Freeze Spray 30 a bit more, as it will keep the humidity and breeze at bay.

The only negative is that, like all professional brands, the Kenra hairsprays are a bit pricier than what you’d find at the drugstore.  But, I use professional products because I find that they generally perform the way I need them to.  But, the main thing is that when I go to the salon and need anything that could possibly cause damage, like heat styling, color, or any type of chemical treatment, the stylist will know exactly what’s in the products I use, and how much stress my hair can handle.

Overall, since the Kenra hairsprays perform as advertised, you need to use a lot less product than with other brands, so they’re actually a very good value.  To top it all off, I keep getting compliments on my hair!  Check out the Kenra hairsprays at


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