Besame Lipstick Matches in 1920 Besame Red


I am absolutely in love with Besame Cosmetics  I will admit, I am a sucker for great packaging, IF the product inside lives up to my standards.  Besame Cosmetics, by Gabriela Hernandez, is a family-owned company that has been in business in Los Angeles, California, since 2004.  The artfully crafted products, inspired by the golden age of cinema, offer something truly different and nostalgic.

I found the cutest thing, ever, a lipstick matchbook!  Yes, that’s right, a little booklet with five “matches” that each contain lipstick at the tip.  I bought the matchbook in the color Besame Red 1920; each lipstick has a decade or year, adding to the whole vintage vibe.  The formula is so rich and pigmented, that I didn’t even use up a whole side of a match to cover my lips, so each match will last me two to three applications- at least.    The great thing about Besame Red is that it’s muted, so it’s very wearable.  It’s also blue-based, so it will not make your teeth look yellow like many reds can often do.  If you have been too scared to try out a red lipstick, this could very well be for you.  If not, they have several others available, so there is a red for everyone!

besamematches1 besamematches2

I did not use a lip primer, however, I did line my lips with a nude pencil.  I got a couple hours of wear time, then I “had” to eat, but some color still remained, and did not look bad at all.  My lips are very dry and are prone to peeling, but this formula did not exacerbate the problem.  Would I repurchase this?  Absolutely, without a doubt, yes!  Besame also makes a violet powder that I am interested in for when my Guerlain Meteorites Perles du Paradis run out.  I think it may just be a great replacement- especially considering it is less than a third of the price- and they sell refills for even less!  They also have rouge, mascara, fragrances, etc.  Be sure to show Besame Cosmetics some love so they will keep making more!

Besame Cosmetics Lipstick Matches retail for $6.00

besame1small besame3small besame9small besame10small besameswatchsmall besamescreenshot



  1. I’ve been looking for a good red that won’t make my pale skin look funny, or my teeth yellow lol

    • This is one of my new faves! I also love that it’s muted, so it works for a casual look 🙂

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