Bellesentials Microdermabrasion & Vacuum Extractor System

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Hey you guys, hope you’re all doing well!

I love my microdermabrasion system, and have had great results with it.  But, it’s pretty pricey, and many people have asked if I know of anything that’s less expensive yet effective.

Well, I got the opportunity to try out the Bellesentials pore suction tool, that includes microdermabrasion attachments, along with various tips to help aid in extractions and keeping your skin clear.  All this retails for less than $40!

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The device is purported to renew and improve elasticity, relieve coarse texture, exfoliate dead skin, clean and remove blackheads, white heads and pimples, as well as address scars, blemishes, age spots, and wrinkles.

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The Bellesentials system includes the device itself, a USB charging cable, and four “probes,” which are tips that have various applications.  They also include extra O rings that help create a seal in the tip so the suction will work, and little pieces of sponge that help collect debris.  Additionally, they include instructions for using the device and the various tips.

The device itself seems to be well made, especially for the price.  It doesn’t feel “cheap,” it’s ergonomic, and feels nice in your hand.  The tips stay on securely and don’t pop off while in use, yet they’re easy to switch out.  There are also five “speeds” so you can have either more or less intensity, depending on your needs at any given time.

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I’ve used the regular suction tips, and the microdermabrasion tip.  The device does a good job cleaning my skin and pores, and since the suction stimulates blood flow, it actually leaves a nice healthy glow.  You may have some slight redness at first, but it subsides pretty quickly.

The microdermabrasion tip works a bit differently than my other one in that this one is a textured circle that’s open in the middle, whereas my other one uses discs with differing levels of coarseness.  While there is only one option or level of coarseness with the Bellesentials microdermabrasion tip, the device is more portable, and cordless.  So, it’s a bit more convenient for travel, etc.

Make sure to check out our video, because as with ALL suction devices, if you don’t use them properly, you can end up with marks, bruising, or “hickeys.”  They will go away, but I prefer to prevent them in the first place.  There’s a certain “trick” to doing it right, so you don’t end up with a marked up face.

While I can’t attest to long term results, I can say the Bellesentials device definitely does what it’s supposed to do, and I’ve been really happy with it, especially for the price!  Check it out at Amazon.

If you don’t see a YouTube video above, click here.

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