Beachwaver = Endless Summer Waves

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Aang aang- hello!  We’re almost done with saqudakinan tugida, or “month of autumn” (Oliver, 1988), hope you’re all doing well!  It’s just beginning to cool off a bit here, still in the high seventies, and still wearing shorts and tees.  But the more “crisp” air tells me we’re days or weeks away from being cold- for Louisiana, that is…lol!

If you’re a regular here, you know how much I love summer.  My ancestors would be ashamed- those from Alaska, British Columbia, Nebraska, and Iowa…lol!  Despite my heritage, I just don’t like the cold.  I can tolerate it, but I prefer not to.  My happy place is on any Pacific beach, breathing the salty air!

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The best part of the fall weather is that I can get my endless summer “fix” with my Beachwaver!  I was SO excited when they sent me their rotating waving iron with a 1.25″ barrel, and their Great Barrier Heat Protectant Hairspray.  I have another brand of wide-barreled iron, and I love the results, but it takes about an hour to do my hair with it.  I have very long, very thick hair, so it’s REALLY time-consuming.

The neat thing about the Beachwaver is that it has a custom heating rod inside that goes the whole length, and it rotates automatically.  Yep- boundless beach waves with very little effort!!  The Beachwaver comes in three different widths, so you can choose what’s best for your hair type, length, and results you desire.  I like loose waves, and with my hair length/thickness, the 1.25″ is perfect.

Holding the iron in place for just a few seconds gives long, loose waves for a very natural look

There’s a button that controls the iron- you simply press one side to curl, then the other to reverse.  There’s also a “home” button to return the barrel to the original position before doing your next piece of hair.  I separated my hair into sections, which made the process a lot easier.  I sprayed the Great Barrier spray onto each piece, then placed my hair into the clip, pressed the button- it was SO easy!

Not only was the process of Beachwaving my hair fun, but the Great Barrier spray smelled SO good- I wish they had a body butter and shower gel in this scent!  Since it has a light hold, it not only protects hair from heat damage, but also helps hold the waves.  But, hair still “flows” freely because it’s so light.

This has quickly become my new fave hot tool, and now occupies the place my flat iron once was…lol!  I love that I can get a natural beachy look much more quickly now.  They also have some other products I’d love to try- the shampoos and conditioners, dry shampoo, Braid Balm, brushes, cute hats, and some fragrances that look like they smell delectable!  Use code BEAUXWAVE at checkout for 10% off!

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Oliver, E. (1988). Journal of an Aleutian Year.

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