Beachwaver Curling Iron for $69…?!?! OMG!

Omg, yes you read that correctly!

Just had a webinar with Sarah Potempa, and they announced Black Friday would be starting… NOW!  Keep reading to find out how YOU can get a $69 Beachwaver Curling Iron!

Get it here! $69 Beachwaver with code BLACKFRIDAY30!  

If you saw my previous Beachwaver post (read it here), you know how much I LOVE mine!  I have almost waist-length hair, and this has made my hair SO much easier to style, and I can do it in less than the half the time it previously took.  So, they have on their site what they call “Certified Second Wave” Beachwavers- these are boxes that have been opened by Beachwaver to ensure quality, and they’re certified as good as new.

This practice is not only eco-conscious, as it keeps products out of landfills, but ensures consumers can get a quality, hand-assembled, patented product at a reduced price.  They’re normally $99, but if you click here (scroll to bottom for Second Wave products) and use code BLACKFRIDAY30 at checkout, you get 30% off.  Available in three sizes, while supplies last, so hurry!  Plus, shipping is FREE on orders of $50 or more!

Click here or one of the banners and use code BLACKFRIDAY30 at checkout!

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