Avon vs. The York Chop

Happy Sunday, everyone- hope you’ve all been having a great weekend!

Do you like makeup and food?  We do.  Yep, even Jerry likes them both- he doesn’t wear makeup, but as an artist, he’s intrigued by the colors and formulations, blendability, etc.  So to all of you whose significant others roll their eyes and huff and puff in Sephora- BE JEALOUS!

Anywho, I got some liquid eyeshadows and lipsticks in the mail from Avon (they always send such fun stuff!), and we kept hearing about a restaurant called “The York Chop,” about 45 minutes away from us.  Avon Glimmershadow Liquid Eyeshadows are formulated to stay put without smudging or creasing.  The Soft Matte Liquid Lip colors deliver vivid color with a velvety soft matte finish and featherlight feel.  The York Chop, with their plethora of smoked meats, homemade sides, and treats has received stellar reviews.  But, being the picky people we are- would any of these live up to the hype?  We decided to “pit” the Avon makeup against the York Chop’s bbq (no pun intended…lol).

We decided to for dinner on Saturday, as it was all-you-can eat ribs for just $19.00- this came with a trip to the salad bar, choice of two sides, and as many ribs as you wanted.  (Did I mention we like to eat?)  At that price, would it really be THAT good?  The Avon Glimmershadows come in eight shades, some are more of a subtle shimmer, while others are glittery.  Would they actually stay put, and would there be a ton of fallout from the shimmer and glitter?  And the Liquid Lip- would it really stay put while eating the aforementioned ribs?

I chose the Glimmershadow in the shade “Fool’s Gold,” which is one of the glitters, as I figured that would be the most likely to have fallout issues.  Guess what?  NO fallout.  Zip.  Zero.  It lasted all day (I used primer), until I took it off.  The glitter was also minimal, and small, so it was more of a “grown up” glitter, and VERY wearable, yet fun and glam!

Wearing Avon Glimmershadow and Soft Matte Liquid Lip in Relentless

As for the Soft Matte Liquid Lip, I’ve always favored reds, reds, and reds.  I occasionally get adventurous and wear more sedate colors, but for the most part, I’ve always loved reds, even when I was a kid…lol.  I decided to try “Relentless,” which is an awesome name.  Fellow foodies often tell me they wear more nude shades when they’re going to eat something messy, since they know it will likely get messy on their face.  Not me.  Oh heck no.  I just HAVE to wear the red, and see if it holds up, or ends up all over my face!  I will say it went on very easy, and was quite light.  I was surprised how it felt so weightless, especially for a matte.

We got into the car and headed to the small town of Coushatta, Louisiana.  The York Chop is in a large building, so it’s easy to find, and there’s plenty of parking.  (I never realized the spacious parking down here was such a luxury until our trips to Seattle, San Francisco, and LA!)  As soon as we got out of the car, we could smell smoky meat- and OMG, it made us salivate!

We walked in and were greeted by a large carving of a pig that said “The York Chop.”  There was a wall slightly shorter than me separating the entrance from the seating area, which is nice because it will provide insulation from the cold and heat to those who are dining.

We were immediately greeted, and asked if we’d ever been there before (we hadn’t), and we were thanked for coming in, and told we could sit anywhere we’d like.  The place was huge, and there was another wood divider that separated the dining area from the food and salad bar area.  These dividers made the whole dining area seem “cozier” even with the spaciousness.  seating came in the form of booths along the edges, and tables in the center.  There was a mish-mash of tables, even a large dining room style table in the center with heavy wood chairs.  The mix was eclectic, yet all seemed to fit together to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

We were strangers to the town and the restaurant, yet everyone there seemed to take the time to chat with us.  I didn’t know if this is because we were the only customers there (it was early), but then as more people started coming in, they were all treated just as well.  One of the employees referred to someone as Mr. York, so I presume he was an owner.  They all seemed genuinely appreciative of each person who came in, and did a fantastic job of making customers feel welcome.

The menu had a large variety of options, but not so large and random that the food would be of low quality.  I sometimes fear large menus as some items may have been sitting in the back on the verge of spoiling, or the food might not be that good if there are too many different things for cooks to learn to do well.  But, in this case, they had different specials during the week, and a lot of variety came from utilizing the main menu items.  This is a smart way to utilize signature items to expand the menu without additional risk. For example, you could get different types of burgers, but also a club sandwich.  The club sandwich consisted of their smoked meats instead of cold cuts, on the same sourdough bun from the burger.  I was seriously tempted to order one because it looked like it would be the best damn club sandwich I’d ever have…lol!  But, I only have one stomach, and a dual purpose in being here- to try the food and test my makeup!

Anywho, back to our food… we both ordered the all-you-can-eat ribs with fries and coleslaw.  We forgot about the salad bar, and didn’t know we were supposed to just go up there because we were so busy talking about the menu…lol.  This is a good thing, though, because the food we got was so much that we would have been to full had we gotten our salads.  Here’s the weird thing- some of the “fine dining” restaurants in the tourist area of our town use frozen fries because they say it’s “not affordable” to cut their own- despite the premium prices they’re charging.  The fries at The York Chop were homemade, fresh cut!  Think of Five Guys fries, only much, much better.  These fries would be like if you went out to your garden, dug up some potatoes, cut them up, and cooked them yourself, put them on a plate and ate them.  After this experience, there is no excuse for restaurants charging three times the price to serve frozen fries.  The coleslaw also seemed homemade.  It was very fresh, and it was the grated kind, so it was “soft” and easy to eat.  Just the right balance of sweet and sour.

Now… for the ribs… holy cow.  There was a good dark bark on them, but underneath the bark the meat was so tender it just slid off the bone.  In other words, this was EXACTLY how ribs should be.  Very smoky and tender, with a flavorful crusty bark.  They were a bit on the salty side, but they were served with the sauce separate- which I really liked.  I like being able to control the amount of sauce, and when adding the sauce, the saltiness was perfect.  The sauce was also a bit different than most others in the area, as it had a good bit of chili flavoring, which was a nice change from the rest.

Now for the Avon Soft Matte Liquid Lip- I ate the ribs just as you’re “supposed” to- with my hands.  So of course, this makes for a messier meal than separating the meat from the bone and eating with a fork.  But, in the name of science, I had to put this stuff to the proper test, right?  I will say to the credit of The York Chop, that the ribs weren’t overly greasy.  They were moist, but not dripping with fat or grease.  But with the sauce and eating them “properly,” they were still messy.

My lipstick fared much better than I expected!  Of course, there was some smudging and color transfer due to the messiness of my meal, but the red was still there.  I could have easily touched this up in the restroom (did I mention how CLEAN this place was?) or in the car, but wanted to test it out further.  We went to pick up a few groceries, as we were full and knew we wouldn’t be as likely to overspend.  I didn’t get any odd looks, as a matter of fact, a sweet young woman came over and told me I was pretty!  Yes, with my smudged lipstick and all!  And the icing on the cake, I mean lips, was that when I took off my makeup, despite the lipstick being a liquid matte, it didn’t leave my lips and dry as other formulas on the market.

Avon Glimmershadow and Soft Matte Liquid Lip after my ribs from The York Chop, without touch-ups!

Overall, I would have to say it was a VERY successful day.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention- remember that trip to the salad bar we forgot to do?  They gave us containers and let us each make a salad to take with us (everything was REALLY fresh), even gave us a to-go drink!  We also got some brisket to go, but we ate it before I could take a pic.  We had the next day, reheated, and it was delicious.  The flavor permeated the meat thoroughly, so it was actually marinated very well.  It was soft and juicy, but not overly greasy.  It was very tender, and again, a perfect bark.  They also have steaks, chicken, and burgers.  Not sure what we’ll try next, but we’re definitely going back.  If you’re in the central Louisiana area, The York Chop is an absolute MUST.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

My Avon Glimmershadow and Soft Matte Liquid Lip performed splendidly.  The Glimmershadow was easier to apply than I expected- as it seems liquid shadows aren’t as easy to blend sometimes, but I had no problems- I just kind of blotted at the edges to blend.  The Liquid Lip went on as easily as a gloss, and it seemed to dry a tiny bit more slowly than other formulas, so I had more time to work with it and it apply evenly.  But it still dried quickly enough that it didn’t smudge during application.  I love that my makeup survived my meal and the day quite well, and the compliments on my appearance confirmed it!

The York Chop is located at 1818 Ringgold Avenue in Coushatta, Louisiana, check them out on Facebook.  Head over to Avon.com to browse the selection of fabulous colors available for the Glimmershadows and Soft Matte Liquid Lip colors.


*Avon products provided gratis, courtesy of Avon.  All food was paid for out of personal funds, at full menu prices.  Restaurant owners/management/staff did not know us, and did not know we’d be writing a review.