ARTDOU Sea-Inspired Silver & Pearl Necklace

Artdou necklace 2


Hello, hello, hello, hellooooo…!  Hope you’ve all been having a great week!

I’ve always liked unusual things.  I don’t want to look the same as everyone else.  Same with Jerry, he likes things that are unusual.  Home décor, furnishings, clothing, shoes, and even jewelry- we’ve both always been attracted to unique items.

Artdou necklace 3

ARTDOU has some unusual jewelry pieces that are simply beautiful; so I was pleased to have the opportunity to partner with them and order a necklace, and share the details with you.  I ordered a handmade abstract circle inspired by sea waves, with a pearl inside the circle.

The metal is .925 sterling silver, and no two pearls are exactly the same, they will range in color from pink to purple, so even if someone else orders the necklace, it will still be different.  The chain (18”) near the clasp has several larger links, so the length of the necklace is adjustable to suit any particular occasion, outfit, etc.

Artdou necklace 4

I LOVE everything about the beach- the sand, the water, the waves, the sea creatures, everything.  So, with my love for the unusual, it’s no wonder I really like this piece.  It’s very versatile- I’ve been wearing it with t-shirts, tank tops, and even dresses.  It can be worn on almost any occasion from casual to more dressy.

The necklace would also make a great gift- the presentation is quite lux- it comes in an elegant box with a bow, and the brand’s logo in foil print.  The inside is a velvety black, which really shows off the silver.  It also comes with a polishing cloth, and even a protective sleeve to keep the box and bow looking nice.

Artdou necklace 5

The best part?  The necklace retails for less than $40!  It’s currently $36.95, with free Prime shipping.  ARTDOU also has some other great pieces, there’s a lotus necklace I’m in love with, too!  You should DEFINITELY check them out at or use the links below, especially if you like unusual pieces like I do!



Artdou necklace 1

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