Apalus Flat Iron with New Fiberglass Fabric Technology


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Say what? Fiberglass fabric…? Yep, that’s right!


Out of all the flat irons I’ve had (Chi, Solia, Babyliss Pro, etc.), I’ve never seen one with fiberglass fabric. The Apalus flat iron has ceramic plates that are covered with fiberglass fabric to help lock in moisture and provide uniform heating.


Unique technology with fiberglass fabric covered plates.

In addition to the unique fiberglass feature, the Apalus can reach 450 degrees in just three minutes, and there is a locking feature to ensure the temperature stays where you set it. There is also a 30% energy-saving advantage, as the iron will automatically go into stand-by mode (250 degrees) if it’s not held for five minutes. Once you pick it back up, it reaches your set temperature in just 30 seconds.


The fiberglass fabric was a pleasantly odd experience, I could actually hear it when I ran my hair through it, so I knew this was something different from any other flat iron I’ve used. My hair felt less hot, too, so I think this technology really does help prevent some heat damage.



I don’t think this iron straightened as quickly as my Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium. But, my Babyliss has worked faster than any other iron because it has wider plates, and I have very thick, long hair. That being said, if the Apalus had wider plates, it would work just as quickly. As for performance, the Apalus did a fantastic job of straightening my hair without causing breakage or extreme dryness.



The only negative with the Apalus flat iron is the power switch. The instructions say to hold the power button for three seconds to turn the unit off, but it didn’t seem to work. I don’t believe it was defective because I had the same problem with the Apalus brush (see my review here). The only way I could be assured the unit was off was to unplug it. I think it would be better if the digital screen would also shut down, or somehow let me know the device was successfully turned off.


Despite the issue with the power switch, I was really impressed with the quality of the Apalus Fiberglass Flat Iron. It’s light, yet sturdy and well-made, and doesn’t feel cheap. Plus, in addition to the flat iron itself, you get a travel pouch, two crocodile clips, and a heat protection glove included!


If you want a great professional flat iron at a reasonable price, you should definitely consider the Apalus! Check it out at Amazon.com.