Apalus Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush Review


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Hey you guys! You know how you sometimes see something you’re really interested in, but just not sure if you want to take the time to try it? Well, that’s how I’ve been with the hair straightening brushes I’ve been seeing.

Having grown up using those brush curling irons (that’s a whole other story!), the brush straighteners intrigued me. While they looked so convenient and easy to use, they just never seemed very high quality. But, I guess what should I expect for $19.99 (plus shipping, handling and processing)?


Luckily, I got the opportunity to try the Apalus Hair Straightener Brush, and I was impressed by how well made it is. This is far different from the run-of-the-mill brushes that are flooding TV aisles in discount stores. Although it’s priced reasonably at $39.99, it’s solidly built, and doesn’t feel “cheap” at all.


One of the things that stood out with this model is that the sides are straight, not rounded like many other models. This means I can also use it to kind of “curl” my ends under or out, like I do with a flat iron. This maneuver isn’t really possible with the models that are rounded on the edges. Another advantage is that the ceramic plates are 25% longer, which is a huge thing for those of us with long, thick hair like me.


The Apalus hair straightening brush heats up FAST, which you can watch on a digital display. It can get to the full 450 degrees in just three minutes, and the switch can “lock” so it will maintain the temperature of your choice. The only negative is that the instructions say to hold the power button for three seconds to turn the brush off. I tried this, and it did not appear to shut off, as it was still hot and there was no change in the digital display. I ended up unplugging the brush because of being unsure. So, it would helpful if there was some sort of notification, such as the display going dark, to let users know they have successfully turned the unit off.



As for performance, the Apalus brush performed better than I expected! As it’s a brush, there is not really any source of tension to hold hair straight, so I thought this would really only be good for flyaways or major kinks or bends. But, it did a great job of taming down my coarse wavy hair, and leaving me with a smooth, natural look. Granted, the straightening brush did not perform as well as a flat iron, but it did a much better job than a blow dryer.



I also found that the straightening brush is great for second or third day hair. I don’t like to use a flat iron every day as it can cause far too much damage. So, the day after flat-ironing, I used the brush to touch it up, and it worked perfectly.


To top it off, the Apalus Hair Straightening Brush is a great value because you also get a travel pouch, two crocodile clips, and a heat glove, so you’ll have all you need for a fab ‘do! Check it out at Amazon.com!