And It’s Still Flooding in Louisiana…

A day later and it’s still pouring down rain and flooding.

Jerry called me while he was on his way to work this morning.  When the phone rang and I saw that it was him, I got worried thinking maybe he had gotten stuck on a flooded roadway.  But instead, he was laughing!  He called to tell me that there were DUCKS swimming around in our front yard!  Apparently, a family of ducks took up residence on our lake, I mean lawn.

flood March 10 1

Ducks in our front yard!

So far, we are very fortunate.  Jerry was able to get to work and back with no problems.  His dad, on the other hand, didn’t have it so easy- it took him over two hours to get home, just trying to find roads that weren’t closed or flooded.  There are a couple spots on our roof that are leaking, but nothing really horrible at this point.

flood March 10 2


Unfortunately, there are even more people now who have suffered devastating effects from the flooding- and it seems to be getting worse.  Friends of ours have had to be rescued, evacuated, and have even had their roofs collapse.  Emergency workers and utility employees are functioning on little or no sleep.

Flood March 10 3

To add insult to injury, an alarm came through on our phones with yet another flood warning for tonight.  Apparently we’re supposed to have several more days of this.

Please keep Louisiana in your thoughts!

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