Alteya Organics Bio Damascena Ageless Rose Otto Face Cream

Alteya Organics Bio Damascena Rose Otto Face Cream

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It’s Friday!!!  Hooray for everyone who gets weekends off!! (I wish that were me…lol!)

Last month, Alteya Organics sent me their Bio Damascena Ageless Rose Otto Face Cream.  The packaging and jar were beautiful, so I posted a pic to Instagram, even before I thoroughly tested it out.  Well, I discovered that not only is the packaging pretty, but the cream itself is absolutely fabulous!

This rich, intensive cream is enriched with Bulgarian rose oil, and purportedly helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and boosts the skin’s natural repair process.  It’s also known to restore natural resilience and balance for a firmer and more radiant look.  The formula contains some other great ingredients, many certified organic, with aloe leaf juice being first on the list.  Additional ingredients include shea butter, glycerin, coconut oil, macadamia seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, avocado oil, evening primrose oil, geranium oil, and vitamin E.  Pretty impressive, huh?

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First off, I’ll address the “elephant in the room,” the scent.  Whenever I talk about a rose product, people always ask me how strong it is.  I really like rose-based products because they remind me of my grandmas (see this post).  The problem is that sometimes the rose scent can be overpowering, and this becomes an issue with my allergies.  Although I don’t actually sneeze, all I can think about is sneezing because of the scent…lol!  That’s not so with Alteya Organics- the scent, while really rosy, is natural and dissipates quickly, so it’s very pleasant.  If I could, I would slather this all over my entire body…lol!

At first, I didn’t know how this would react with my skin because it’s very heavy, it even says on the box that it’s “intensive.”  While it’s too much for my oily/combination skin during the day in this humid climate, it’s perfect at night.   Despite the thickness, it really seems to “melt” into my skin, and is absorbed easily.  It’s got a very slight stickiness at first, but it goes away quickly.  It feels very soothing whenever I apply it, especially right after a microderm treatment.  But the best part is in the morning- as soon as I wash my face, my skin is so soft and smooth.  I know it’s bad for me, but I can’t stop touching my face…lol!

The only negative is the jar packaging.  Not only is there a sanitary issue with repeatedly dipping one’s fingers into the product, but exposure to light and air can render antioxidants ineffective (Kaur, Kapila & Agrawal, 2007).  I usually transfer products like this into pumps, but I’m not sure it would work with the thickness.  The jar, though, is dark, and I make sure to store it properly- so this isn’t a deal breaker.

While I can’t attest to the anti-wrinkle properties in the five or six weeks I’ve been using this, I can say that it has made my skin smoother and softer.  It’s truly been a joy to use, and it’s been a regular part of my nightly routine ever since I got it.  Also, at just $40.00, it’s a great value for the quality.  I’m definitely impressed with Alteya Organics, and I hope to try more from the brand- they’ve got some other great Bio Damascena products, as well as some rose water sprays that look fab!  Check them out at


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