5 Current Obsessions: August 23, 2015

The beach. I keep seeing people all over social media talking about how excited they are for fall. Not me. I love the warm weather, longer days, and especially, the beach. The smell of the salt water, walking in the waves, feet in the sand. Please, summer, don’t go! (Except for Halloween. It can be Halloween. Then it has to go back to summer.)


Wine. I LOVE wine. All kinds of wine. But, I do have my preferences, depending on what I’m eating. If I’m eating something light, like chicken or fish, Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay is always nice. With beef, definitely a Cabernet. I love a good Zinfandel. Dessert wine…? Can’t go wrong with Graham’s 20 Year Tawny Port!


Dirigibles. You know, like the Hindenburg and Graf Zeppelin. Dirigibles are a love shared among my better half, my nephew, and myself. We had so much fun putting together a model of the Macon last Christmas.


Brazilian Fries from Café Beaudelaire in Campustown, Ames, Iowa. This was one of my favorite places to hang-out when I was in college, the first time around. The vibe and energy of the place is like no other. And the food- to die for. Now, many, many, years later, I still crave their Brazilian Fries and try to duplicate them as best I can. Never as good as the original, but as close as I can get being so far away!  (You can visit the Cafe Beaudelaire website and see the real thing- better yet, if you’re in the area, go GET the real thing!)


Robot ice cubes. Yes, my drinks DO taste better with robot ice cubes as opposed to plain ice cubes. My other half agrees, as he prefers the robot ice cubes as well.


What have you been obsessing over lately?  Scroll down to comment below!



  1. 1. I like wine too.
    2. any kat von d make up
    3. Urban decay smoky pallet
    4. sushi
    5. Mac lipgloss

    • Ooh, we just went to a hibachi place the other night, but now I’m craving a sushi roll! 🙂

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