101 Beauty Hacks


Good morning and happy hump day!  Hope you’re all having a super-duper week so far!

When you’re addicted to beauty products or have a blog (or both), you naturally develop habits that can make your routine a bit easier.  When we decided to do this post, the hacks (okay, some are tips or tricks) were a lot more difficult than I thought they would be to think of.  Why?  Well, a lot of these are things I just do without even thinking about them.  For example, the tip about putting a lighter colored eyeshadow on first (#12) is something I’ve done ever since I can remember wearing makeup, without ever being told to do so.  This just seemed like a no-brainer to me, since I was an artist and accustomed to always ensuring my canvas was primed.

Some tips I learned while in art school, such as colors that complement or enhance each other (#93), while some I learned from my other half, who studied photography (#90).  Others are things I discovered accidentally (#60) or out of urgent need (#96).  Needless to say, I’ve picked up quite a bit over the years.  It’s taken over a month of paying close attention to what I’m doing every day to write this post- hope you can use at least a couple of these tips!

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  1. Heat up your eyelash curler with your blow dryer to make the curl last longer
  2. Rub a dryer sheet on your hair to reduce static and flyaways.
  3. Save old mascara wands, wash them, and use as spoolies to apply brow gel, etc.
  4. Heat up cheap drugstore eye pencils with your blow dryer or a lighter and it will apply more smoothly.
  5. Add a bit of petroleum jelly or lanolin to some shimmery eyeshadow or blush, apply to cheek bones for a dewy finish. (See this post.)
  6. Use eyeshadow on sparse areas in your hairline to make it appear more even.
  7. Mix a tiny bit of hair gel with your cream concealer before covering a pimple, the gel will reflect light and help camouflage the bump.
  8. If you want to try a new skincare brand, buy a travel size set instead of one full-sized item.
  9. Travel sets are a great value, often priced less than just one full sized item, and allow you to explore the brand.
  10. Part hair in a zig zag pattern to help camouflage overgrown roots.
  11. Spend at least $25 when shopping on Sephora’s website, then you can get a deluxe sized fourth sample.
  12. Apply a light color or flesh tone eyeshadow all over, from lash line to brow, prior to using colored eyeshadow. This will allow for easier, more seamless blending, as well as keeping it fresh longer.
  13. Unless you’re applying eyeshadow under your eye, or doing an elaborate eye look such as smoky eye, avoid using black eyeliner on your waterline as this can make your eyes appear smaller. Instead, use a white or light color if you must.
  14. If you order lipstick through the mail in hot weather, allow it to come to room temperature for a few hours prior to opening to prevent it from breaking.
  15. Use a sonic device for deeper cleansing, and your expensive skincare products will penetrate better.
  16. Apply white eyeliner to your entire eyelid before your shadow if you want bold colors to “pop” better and look brighter.
  17. Out of makeup remover? Use olive, grapeseed, or coconut oil from your kitchen cabinet.
  18. Apply petroleum jelly to lips overnight, then use a toothbrush in the morning to exfoliate. Finish with lip balm, and you’ll have soft, smooth lips.
  19. Store your eye cream or eye gel in the fridge for an extra soothing sensation. The cool temperature will also help reduce bags.
  20. If you accidentally pump out too much facial oil, apply the extra to the ends of your hair.
  21. Mix a handful of dry oatmeal with a spoonful of coconut oil to exfoliate extra-sensitive skin.
  22. Instead of shaking, turn nail enamel upside down, roll the bottle between your hands, and you will reduce the possibility of air bubbles.
  23. To fix broken eyeshadows or blush, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol, press down with a paper towel, and allow to dry.
  24. Use dry shampoo at night. Moving around while you sleep will allow it to work through your hair, and you’ll have less residue in the morning.
  25. Do your eye makeup BEFORE your foundation to avoid messing it up with fallout.
  26. If you’re on a budget, invest the most money in your serum because this is the hardest working product. Spend the least on cleanser since it doesn’t remain on the skin.
  27. Add a few drops of saline solution to revive mascara in an “emergency.”
  28. If you want your water line eyeliner to stay put, use a kohl liner first, then top it with a waterproof liner. (See this post.)
  29. Shave in the direction of hair growth, not against, to help prevent ingrown hairs.
  30. Use a ceramide moisturizer to combat retinoid dryness.
  31. If you’re very pale with light hair and light eyes, use a brown or gray eyeliner to avoid the harsh look of black for day time.
  32. Dip your fingers into a dish with water and a denture-cleanser tablet to help remove discoloration from fingernails.
  33. Keep a light nude lipstick on hand. You can apply this over any dark or bold shade to instantly transform it to a more subtle hue.
  34. Use a tubing mascara, such as a Blinc, if you have an occasion where you think you might have tears. This mascara doesn’t come off until you rub or “pull” it off with wet fingers.
  35. Keep a hand mirror by a window, and check your makeup in the natural light before stepping out- you’ll catch mistakes before it’s too late.
  36. Apply lip balm prior to matte liquid lipsticks. This will keep it from being as drying, and make it easier to remove and touch up.
  37. Do NOT use an eyelash curler after applying mascara, this can result in broken lashes.
  38. Exfoliate lips prior to using plumping glosses, this will allow the gloss to penetrate better and result in a more dramatic effect.
  39. Sleep with your face up to help prevent wrinkles and premature sagging.
  40. Exfoliate legs beforehand to allow for a closer shave.
  41. After coloring hair, avoid shampooing for three days to help color “set” and last longer.
  42. After applying lipstick, blot, then reapply for longer staying power.
  43. Use a boar bristle hair brush, or combination containing synthetic and boar bristles, to help distribute oils more evenly through you hair. This will also help reduce static.
  44. If you have thin lips, use lighter, more neutral shades of lipstick, with a lip gloss on top to help make them look less thin.
  45. Use generic prenatal vitamins as a cheaper alternative to hair, skin, & nail vitamins.
  46. If you have both acne and sensitive skin, use witch hazel as a non-irritating alternative to toner.
  47. If you have persistent acne on your forehead, try clipping your bangs to the side for a few weeks.
  48. Mix sugar and honey for a cheap, easy DIY lip scrub.
  49. If your skincare products come in jars, transfer them into opaque bottles to avoid degradation from light exposure and maintain potency and effectiveness.
  50. Use oil-free loose powder around your eye area, and on the tips of your bottom lashes, to help avoid raccoon eyes.
  51. Separate your hair into sections with crocodile clips when curling, flat ironing, or blow drying for a more professional finish and longer-lasting results.
  52. Eat plenty of steamed veggies and healthy lipids to nourish your skin from the inside.
  53. Save bottles and pumps from travel kits to use for other products when needed.
  54. If you have problems with mascaras drying up, start buying travel sizes to help reduce waste. Often, you can even get these free as GWPs.
  55. Try using colored eyeliner on your lips for an unexpected change.
  56. Use hair conditioner in place of shaving cream when shaving your legs. The conditioner will have a humectant effect, making the hair softer, and easier to shave away.
  57. Apply the skincare products with the thinnest consistency first, thickest consistency last. For example, toner, serum, oil, cream.
  58. When using essences or liquid moisturizers, apply with your fingertips instead of a cotton ball to avoid wasting product.
  59. Use an eyeliner pencil like white (for pale skin) or peach/beige (for darker skin) to draw a fine line in your wrinkles prior to applying foundation. This will help camouflage the wrinkles.
  60. If you accidentally squirt out too much skincare, such as eye cream, apply to the backs of your hands to help keep aging at bay.
  61. If you want to purchase a specific product, Google reviews. Bloggers often include links that will get you a discount on that product.
  62. If your nail enamel has gotten too thick to apply easily, add a couple drops of acetone or nail polish remover to thin it out a bit.
  63. If you want to put cucumber slices on your eyes, cut the slice very thin so you can press lightly and make it conform to the curves of your eye area.
  64. Use setting spray instead of water when using baked or wet/dry eyeshadows.
  65. Mix a bit of lemon juice and sugar to exfoliate and brighten skin.
  66. Cut the end of your makeup or skincare tubes off when you run out. There will usually be another few days’ worth of product left.
  67. When you apply hand cream, don’t neglect your fingernails! This will help keep them from getting brittle.
  68. If you have an oily scalp, use deep conditioners and oils only on the ends of your hair.
  69. Although you may have to apply it for several months, use a lotion with salicylic acid if you want to shave less often.
  70. When using glittery eyeshadows, apply with a brush dampened with setting spray, and press, don’t swipe. This will help the glitter stay in place better, and reduce fallout.
  71. Sign up for the free rewards programs at stores such as Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom to get freebies and discounts. You can even get free birthday gifts without having to purchase anything!
  72. Use a cold compress or ice pack to reduce inflammation from a large pimple.
  73. Cut up old cotton t-shirts to use as cloths to lightly exfoliate.
  74. Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar to help remove product build-up and leave hair shiny.
  75. Wear lipsticks with blue undertones instead of yellow undertones to make teeth look whiter.
  76. Stop using products with retinoids or alphahydroxy acids for a week before getting waxed to help reduce irritation.
  77. Use your mud or clay mask to spot treat pimples by leaving it on overnight.
  78. Dust some oil-free loose setting powder onto your face immediately before waxing. This will help the wax adhere to the hair better, and help protect your skin.
  79. Use your pore extractor or clay mask immediately after a shower to make the clogs come out easier.
  80. Once you step out of the shower, apply body oils or creams BEFORE drying off, this will make the moisture penetrate better. Allow your skin to air dry, or lightly pat dry with a towel if you must.
  81. Clean your nails with nail polish remover BEFORE applying polish. This will get rid of all the oils and allow your base coat and polish to adhere better.
  82. Chill your used tea bags in the fridge for a couple hours, use on your eyes. The caffeine and coolness will help reduce bags and sagginess.
  83. Don’t store your beauty products in the bathroom. The steam and heat will cause them to spoil faster and make them less effective.
  84. Contrarily, stash your coconut or monoi oil near your shower, the steam will help warm it, so when you step out, it will be liquefied and easier to apply.
  85. Mash up a ripe banana and mix with honey, apply as a soothing, nourishing mask.
  86. If you run out of liquid or gel eyeliner, use a bit of mascara on an eyeliner brush.
  87. If you have colored hair, use the coolest possible water when washing and rinsing to help reduce fading.
  88. Wear a baseball cap when running or exercising outdoors. The bill helps keep the sun out of your eyes, and your hair color will be more protected.
  89. Massage a bit of petroleum jelly or lanolin into your pulse points prior to applying fragrance, as this will help prevent evaporation and make the scent last longer.
  90. Use twice as much eye makeup, blush, and contour than you think you need if you want it to show up in photos.
  91. If you smudge your mascara, wait until it dries, then use a cotton swab dipped in micellar water to spot remove the smudge.
  92. Dab a bit of frosty or shimmery eyeshadow onto the center of your lips after applying lipstick to enhance your pout. (See this post.)
  93. Use purple or plum shades of shadow to enhance green eyes.
  94. Exfoliate prior to applying a hydration mask so the moisture will penetrate better.
  95. Transfer your skincare products from jars into opaque, tubes or bottles to prevent degradation from light or air exposure.
  96. If you have blonde hair, get it wet and apply some conditioner prior to swimming. This will help prevent the hair from absorbing chlorine that causes green discoloration. When I was platinum blond (for a short time), I learned this the had way…lol!
  97. When you go into Sephora or Ulta (or other such stores) ask for free fragrance samples. Use these for travel so you don’t have to pack your bulky, expensive bottles.
  98. Use eyeshadow in a pinch to conceal roots when your hair color is growing out.
  99. Used pressed powder instead of loose powder to set your undereye makeup, as pressed powder is less likely to settle into fine lines and creases.
  100. Check out individual brand websites prior to purchasing from stores like Sephora or Ulta, they often have better sales. Some, like Omorovicza, even have more generous rewards programs!
  101. Mix your enzyme powder with a facial oil instead of water for a more luxurious experience.

Whew!  It took me almost as long to read these as it did to type them out!   Got any beauty hacks, tips, or tricks?  Scroll down to comment below!