Zeqr: An Innovative New Way to Share Information

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Hello, hello, hello- hope you’re all doing well! I’m sure most have you have heard the phrase, “If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. If you teach him to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime.” Knowledge is power.

Do you ever wish you could have easier access to information on a specific subject from an expert? Or, are you an expert with insightful knowledge to share, and in need of some extra cash?   I know I’ve been in both these positions on several occasions.

In the beauty world, I keep seeing ads for learning to become a makeup artist, but not everyone is near the school or location, or some may not have the money for an entire online course. There was also a need for information when I started blogging- despite months of research, I still wished I’d had someone to go through the steps.

The beauty blog world is SO competitive, and it’s difficult to find the step-by-step information all in one spot. While many bloggers are very inspiring and want others to succeed, there were still times it would have been nice to have an easily accessible professional I could consult on topics such as WordPress, working with and contacting brands, setting advertising and sponsorship fees, affiliate marketing, etc.

Well, guess what? I found the answer to my needs with Zeqr! Zeqr (pronounced like “seeker”) is an innovative, new global knowledge hub that’s set to change how people from all over the world exchange information. The platform enables experts in any field to create classes and share their knowledge in an efficient manner, via one-to-one live video sessions, with those seeking their advice.

Zeqrs (those seeking knowledge) can access a wide range of classes from Xperts (those with knowledge to share). Zeqrs benefit from readily available, flexible access, and Xperts benefit because the platform can help them develop a new source of income.

So, why not just get on YouTube, you ask? Zeqr is unique- there are no other platforms that offer peer-to-peer, real-time sessions and courses along with service offerings. As such, Zeqr will change how knowledge is exchanged on a global level, which will lead to a more knowledgeable and better-informed world.

turning blog into business

You can search for classes, and I found one by an Xpert named Holly Legg on turning a blog into a business. It would have been SO helpful to have connected with her! Once I’ve been blogging for a while longer, I may consider offering a class with the information that would’ve been helpful to me. The best part is, I can do this all from the comfort of my home- even in my pajamas if I want…lol!

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Signing up as an Xpert was easy-peasy, I just clicked on the “Become an Expert” box in the upper right corner, entered my name, email, city and state. Then I got an email to confirm, followed by a nice welcome message with an overview of my next steps in setting up a course.

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Creating a class is also very simple. Just enter a title for your class, and use the drop down menus to select language and categories, then enter a description. Your class can be fixed content, a general discussion, or simply advice on any topic. You can create as many classes as you want, as well as upload materials and classroom aids. To top it off, you have all the control- you set the price, number of participants, etc.

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A while back, Jerry and I sponsored a young girl in Haiti, so she could attend school and be assured of a daily meal. After completing grad school, I started a non-profit organization, with the hopes of helping others. Zeqr could be very useful in the future for helping others with skills such as starting a blog, setting up a non-profit, and donating my proceeds to helping others. I might even play around with the site and do a beauty tutorial class to familiarize myself with the process and gain more confidence 😉

Overall, I find the Zeqr platform to be a very enlightening idea. I like the concept of one-on-one, real-time interaction with Xperts who can share knowledge with me. I also like that I can share my knowledge in the future, and hopefully benefit others so their blogging experience will be easier than mine. Be sure to check them out and browse what the Xperts have to offer at www.zeqr.com.

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