Wow! Studio Gear True Whipped Stain Gloss is To Die For!

Studio Gear 1

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Holy moly, watch out matte liquid lipsticks, there’s a new kid in town!

Studio Gear has some great products, and I’ve really liked almost everything I’ve tried.  Our local Stage store carries the brand, and the only time I didn’t keep using a Studio Gear product was when the shade wasn’t right for me, so they seem to be pretty consistent with quality stuff.  When I got the opportunity to try out their new True Whipped Stain Glosses, I was ecstatic- especially when I discovered how absolutely amazing they are!

Studio Gear 2

Studio Gear True Whipped Stain Gloss is available in five shades: True Pebble, True Red, True Fuschia, True Wine, and True Burgundy.  Each shade is “true-ly” stunning, even the fuschia is gorgeous, and I don’t normally go for pinks and berries.  I may have to make an exception for this one, though!

Studio Gear 3

Left to right: True Pebble, True Red, True Fuschia, True Wine, True Burgundy

With the popularity of matte formulas, it’s refreshing to see something a little different.  Studio Gear True Whipped Stain Gloss is like the new matte liquid formulas, only much, much better.  You get the benefits of the long wear and coverage of a matte, but not the horrific dryness that goes along with it.  The glosses start out with a bit of shine, but as they wear, they end up as kind of a satin or velvet.

Studio Gear Pebble

Wearing my absolute favorite, True Pebble.

The name is kind of deceiving, as I thought these would be more of just a regular run-of-the-mill gloss, but I was wrong.  Oh, so, so, so very wrong!  These apply like a gloss, but have the coverage of a liquid lipstick, and wear so well that when they fade, they do so evenly and leave a stained effect.  So, they really do live up to the name “True.”

Studio Gear Red

Wearing True Red

The doe foot applicator is perfect, it’s shape is similar to the Jeffree Star applicators, but it’s a little smaller.  They all have fantastic coverage, but the two best seem to be the True Pebble and the True Fuschia.  The formula is very concentrated, and I get full coverage on both lips without having to dip the applicator back into the tube.

Studio Gear Wand

On top of a fantastic formula, I think Studio Gear did a really good job with the shades.  While there isn’t a huge variety of shades, there is a wide enough range that there is definitely something for everyone.  And each of the five shades will complement almost any skin tone.  Even the fuschia is a beautiful color, and I rarely say that about fuschia…lol!

Studio Gear Fuschia

Wearing True Fuschia

The only negative is, as I just mentioned, that there are only five shades available.  I’m hoping these will be popular enough that they’ll add even more- I would love to see some bold, “in-your-face” shades like blues, purples, etc.  With the formula being so perfect, I’m confident that any shades they come up with would be equally awesome.

Studio Gear Wine

Wearing True Wine

That being said, there is enough variety that there’s a shade for everyone and every occasion.  And think about it – at just $17 each, you could get the entire collection for just $85, even less using a discount code.  How many high-end brands can you spend just $85 and get the whole, full-sized collection…???

Studio Gear Burgundy

Overall, Studio Gear True Whipped Stain Glosses are super-duper awesome!  Since they’re not drying like all the matte liquid lipsticks out there, I could easily see myself wearing these EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  If you want a great, full-coverage lip formula that’s not overly drying, you NEED these!

Studio Gear True Whipped Stain Glosses are available at  Use code BeauxBeauty at checkout for 10% off!