What Beauty Item Would You Refuse to Give Up?


If you had to give up all your makeup, except for one item, what would you keep?  Would it be a difficult decision, or would you be able to easily let it all go?

If you’re anything like me, you don’t wear a full face of makeup 100% of the time.  As a matter of fact, before I started blogging, my makeup routine was SO low maintenance.  A “full face” for me was foundation, powder, blush, one or two shades of eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip gloss, and mascara whenever I remembered it.  On “off” days, I did wear a light 2-in-1 powder foundation or tinted moisturizer with SPF, maybe a little eyeliner, and if I wanted a touch of color, I’d use blush on my cheeks and eyelids.  Then, there were about two or three days a week that I didn’t wear makeup at all.  (I have never compromised on skincare, though.)

Now that I blog, I wear a full face more often, but I also go with zero makeup more often just to give my skin a break.  On those three or four zero makeup days per week, I just concentrate on skincare and sun protection.  But, a full face is vastly different from what it used to be!

Now, a full face of makeup includes, but is not limited to (!!!): prepping with skincare, foundation primer, color correctors, foundation, multiple shades/types of concealer, powder, multiple shades of contour, multiple shades of matte highlighter, blush, shimmer/glow highlighter, eyeshadow primer, brow pencil, brow powder, brow gel, minimum of three or four shades of eyeshadow, one or more shades of eyeliner, one or more types of mascara, eyelashes, lip exfoliant, lip balm, lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, setting spray, and various tools, such as an eyelash curler, sponges, brushes, tweezers, etc.

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Needless to say, the high maintenance, full-face routine of being a beauty blogger is extremely time-consuming.  So, that’s why my zero makeup days have increased.  Not to mention the need to double or triple cleanse at night…lol!

If I had to pick one item to keep, it would more than likely be a tinted lip balm.  This is the one thing I always had on-hand even before blogging.  My lips stay dried out, so I have to have some sort of moisturizer that’s NOT petroleum-based (that just makes it worse due to a rebound effect).  When they get dry, they often look patchy in color, so a tint is perfect.  Plus, the hint of color makes me feel a bit more put-together when running errands on no-makeup days.

Overall, though, I’m pretty low-maintenance.  When I’m out and about doing my daily activities, I usually have a bare face and my hair is tossed into a ponytail.  People around here are usually surprised to see me in person with a full face of makeup…lol!

So, if you could only keep one beauty item, what would it be?  How hard is it for you to narrow down?  Scroll down to comment below!



  1. It used to be eye liner, But then I had a horrific episode of eye allergies that took a few weeks to clear and now I’m afraid of anything touching my eyes. Lol.
    I would say my brow pencil, or a tie between that and false lashes.

    • Hi Aisha! Oh no!!! I hate allergies, I swear, during pollen season, my eyes remain perpetually red and swollen. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have an episode so bad that it took that long to clear up! Hopefully you’re feeling better now!!!!!

    • Ooh, that’s a good one- a little bit DOES make a huge difference! 🙂

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