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If you’ve kept up with us, you probably already know that I used to loathe using brushes to apply makeup.  If you’re new here (welcome!), none of the brushes I used to have worked well.  They were scratchy, cheap, and fell apart easily.  If they managed to stay intact, they usually just moved product around instead of depositing it onto my skin!

So, I always preferred to use my fingers or sponge applicators.  Every time we were in beauty stores, though, Jerry was always attracted to the brush section (we’re both artists), and kept pestering me to get brushes he thought were unusual or neat.  I always told him I didn’t like brushes.

Finally, he asked me why I didn’t like them, and I told him about my previous experiences- always with those cheap sets- you know, the ones that show up everywhere around holiday time?  He told me I just hadn’t used good brushes.  Now, having had an art scholarship, I honestly can’t believe this never occurred to me before!

I used high quality brushes for art because they really made a difference.  So, I’m not sure why I never realized that the quality would make a difference with makeup brushes, too.  I was kicking myself in the rear for this…lol!

Once I started using high quality brushes, though, I was hooked.  I won’t ever go back to those little matchbook sized sponge-tip applicators.  The problem is that high quality brushes can also come with a high price tag.  But, there are some out there that perform well without having to fork over a week’s pay!

After frequently being asked about reasonably-priced makeup brushes that don’t cost a fortune, I’ve been on the hunt.  I was pleased to partner with Arose Beauty to evaluate their Luxury Rose Gold Brush Set, a set of 12 brushes in a faux leather case- currently less than $30 at Amazon.

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The set of vegan brushes includes: Flawless Buffer, Multipurpose, Slim Shaper, Sheer Cheek, Cream Cheek, Concealer, Large Eyeshadow, Medium Shader, Blending, Petite Crease, and Liner, so you can accomplish almost any makeup look you want.

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Lately, I’ve been pretty impressed with the quality of some of the lower-priced brushes I’ve tried.  As with all new brushes, you should always wash them prior to the first use- this helps remove any leftover particles or chemical residue that may have been used in the manufacturing process.  The set I got came with a Brush Egg as an extra, so that made the process super easy.

Almost all brushes shed when washed, and these did a shed a bit more than some of my higher priced ones, but not nearly as much as others I’ve tried.  The Arose brushes also held their shape well during and after being left to dry.

The brushes have black handles, with a rose gold-tone trim and print, and synthetic fibers.  The ferrules are attached securely to the handles, none of them felt loose.  I was really surprised at how soft the brush heads are- they rival some of the more expensive brushes I have.

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The stiffness of the bristles varies, depending on what each brush is intended to be used for.  For example, the liner brush was stiff enough to apply my gel eyeliner smoothly, but still flexible.  The large powder brush was soft and “floppy” enough to deposit my finishing powder, without moving makeup off of my face.

The verdict?  I’m quite pleased with this brush set from Arose Beauty.  While these aren’t as cheap as those at discount stores, the brushes are well made and good quality for the price, and they look pretty fab, too!  If you want a set of brushes that will perform well without breaking the bank, check ‘em out at Amazon!

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