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Aang!  Alqutaltxin?  Hi!  How are you?

YES- you read that correctly- this is a BADA$$ lipstick!

Despite being a white-passing Native, at the end of the summer, my skin gets darker, with even the undertones changing.  It’s weird- and difficult to find makeup shades that look good at any given time.  Years ago when I was young and broke, I would buy the cheapest foundation I could find when I’m lighter, but there weren’t any darker shades available.  When I was darker, I found that one of the brands marketed to women of color had perfect shades, and they even had shades that worked when I was lighter.  No need to go back to the previous brand!

Ever since then, I’ve always been excited about finding brands that were inclusive with their shades and colors.  People come in all shades and colors, and many of us like experimenting and playing with makeup.  When companies acknowledge this, by default, their market becomes that much more vast.

I’d heard about UOMA, but had never seen any of the products in person.  Then we made a last-minute trip to Ulta in Bossier City last weekend, and… be still my beating heart- an UOMA display!!!!!!!!!  I screeched with joy, even Jerry was like, “Oh, cool!”  I’d already blown my budget for the week, so I ended up getting just a lipstick- I picked the shade TINA.  I soon would find out that this wasn’t “just a lipstick.”  This truly is a BADASS ICON lipstick!

The brand describes the formula as having a “sensually silky texture” that “glides on the lips and leaves behind a stunning color with just one stroke.”  Wild mango butter purportedly drenches lips with moisture, which gives you matte lips without the drying effect.  This sounded very promising, as I love the look of matte lipsticks, but damn, the formulas are just So. Drying.  Would UOMA live up to the promise?

The shades are named after some true bada$$ icons- Angela, Aretha, Brenda, Chaka, Coretta, Diana, Eartha, Funmilayo, Maya, Miriam, Nina, Sade, Tina, Tracy, Whitney, and Winnie.  Since I was only getting one, I chose the shade “Tina,” because I love reds, and I’ve always had a tremendous amount of respect for Tina Turner.  Not only is she immensely talented, but just having the courage to leave the abusive person who helped make her successful, paying off all their debts on her own, then truly starting over and making it on her own… well, she’s a BADA$$.  (I even dressed like her for Halloween when I was a kid!)

Me, dressed as Tina Turner for Halloween. It rained, had to change my shirt, and my hair got flat, and the orange hair coloring ran out- just a little left on top…lol.

So, anywho, onto the actual lipstick!  The packaging is super fab- the tube is magnetic, sleek, and feels lux, they actually put a good bit of thought into the design.  Jerry picked it up and said he immediately knew I would like it because it’s magnetic…lol.  And they get bonus points for the phrase on the lid, “A badass does not talk about being a badass.”  So true!

Not only is the packaging super-duper, but the formula of this lipstick is nothing short of amazing.  This texture and consistency is the closest I’ve found to my all-time favorite formula, Lipstick Queen’sicon Velvet Rope.  Velvet Rope has been the only brand of matte lipstick I’ve found that actually glides on, feels really light, and doesn’t dry out my lips, all due to some sort of proprietary polymer.  Guess what?  UOMA has come very close, and is less than half the price.  And UOMA has a lot more shades to choose from!

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This matte formula truly does glide on, and I get immediate color payoff with just one swipe.  Since it’s a weekend, and I allow myself a cheat meal, I decided to try the cheeseburger test.  Some color came off onto my burger, as expected.  But when I looked at my lips after eating, I could still easily get away with going out on the town without reapplying.

Wearing UOMA Badass Icon Lipstick in “Tina”

One of my dream products has always been the color of MAC’s Ruby Wooicon, but in the Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope formula.  This red is different, brighter and more vivid, but it works equally well with my skin tone.  So, this will be one of my new go-to lipsticks, and will get as much wear as the Ruby Woo, if not more.  Check it out at UOMAbeauty.com!

P.S. A bit about the brand…

Now, I just have to brag on the deets I read on the brand’s website regarding the founder.  Nigerian born Sharon Chuter founded the brand (pronounced uh-mah), which means “beautiful,” with the belief that beauty starts the moment you decide to be yourself.  She believes in re-writing the rules of inclusivity and diversity to create a world of beauty that truly is for all of us.  She created the UOMA range to be innovative, rebellious, and for ALL.  I can’t wait to try more from the brand, and wish them all the success in the world!

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