TONYMOLY Pureness 100 Pearl Mask Sheet


Yes!!!  It’s sheet mask time again!  I LOVE sheet masks!

On our last trip to Ulta, I saw that their TONYMOLY section had expanded, and they had a lot more to choose from, including more sheet masks.  I had tried a few from the brand before (see my reviews here, here, here and here), and really liked them.  So, naturally, I was excited to see more choices!

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The Pureness 100 Pearl Mask Sheet, a brightening mask, was about a dollar more than the others I had tried, yet there was a HUGE difference in quality.  This mask was thicker, and made from unbleached cotton that still had little flecks in it.  It had a similar scent to the previous ones, kind of fresh and fruity, but not overly strong.


I kept the mask on for about 30 minutes, then removed and massaged the rest of the serum into my skin.  Although my skin is oily, I didn’t feel greasy or congested.  My face was slightly sticky for a few minutes until the serum had absorbed, but after about an hour or so, I had a really nice healthy glow!

Overall, the TONYMOLY Pureness 100 Pearl Mask Sheet was a superb product, especially for the low $4 price tag.  I’ll definitely be picking up more of these!

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