Tony Moly I’m Real Red Wine Face Mask Sheet


I ran into a display of Tony Moly masks in the grab and go kiosk while in line at Ulta (their marketing people are geniuses!).  I was going to buy some of these when I placed my next Sephora order, but since they were right in front of me, I could not wait.  I am a huge fan of sheet masks, as they are so easy to use- just put them on, then toss into the trash when done.  Since they are disposable, they are also great for travel.

I was most excited about this particular mask, because…WINE!!!  According to Tony Moly, this mask is infused with real red wine extracts and rosemary to help reduce the appearance pores, along with purifying and tightening the skin, in as little as 20 minutes.  The first thing I noticed was the scent- it had a very light fragrance that smelled like grape juice- which I LOVED!  It wasn’t overly strong, though, so it shouldn’t be too bothersome unless you are very sensitive.


Sadly, this mask didn’t do much as far as making my pores appear smaller- maybe with repeated treatments, but this one mask just didn’t do it.  However, it did moisturize just as well as the brand’s Aloe Moisturizing Mask.  It was also very soothing on my tretinoin-treated skin.  Overall, it wasn’t the best sheet mask I’ve used, but definitely worth the low price tag!

Tony Moly I’m Real Red Wine Face Mask Sheets retail for $3.75 each.