Tips From Beauty Legend Mary Greenwell!

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It was such a nice surprise to receive some great tips in my mailbox from Space NK and makeup artist Mary Greenwell! 

A stellar career spanning three decades has earned Mary Greenwell a unique and exalted position among the beauty elite. From royalty to supermodels and A-list celebrities, there aren’t many famous faces her dexterous fingers haven’t helped achieve cover-worthy perfection. Pioneer of `no makeup makeup’ she is renowned for her polished, believable, natural looks. She let us in on her ultimate five secrets for creating sublime, everyday makeup.

1. Apply a rich, luxuriant moisturizer before your makeup. This plumps the skin and provides a flawless canvas for your base. Spend a few minutes massaging your moisturizer into skin. Your makeup will sit seamlessly on your skin and last much longer as a result.


2. Some foundation brushes are lovely, but I prefer using my fingers to apply base. The warmth of your hands makes for seamless blending. Use rubbing and patting motions to allow your tinted moisturizer or concealer to become one with your skin, not sit on top of it.


3. To create the illusion of fuller lashes and more mesmeric eyes, use a well-sharpened pencil to draw little dots between each lash root, then smudge.


4. Blush always looks best when it’s applied high up on the cheeks and blended away from the center of the face. If you wear blush lower on the cheek, this can bring the shape of your face down, making you look older and tired.


5. Apply your lipstick straight from the bullet and rub lips together for an effortlessly chic, but impactful effect. I’m personally not a fan of lip brushes and find the result too fussy.


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