The Discovery Collection from Organic Aromas

Organic Aromas Discovery Collection 1


Hey guys, happy winter time!

Sadly, it’s not just winter, but it’s also cold and flu season.  Arrrgghh…  Despite having had a flu shot, I’ve still been dealing with a sinus infection.  I loathe taking any kind of drugs or meds unless I absolutely have to, so I was super-duper thrilled to get another package from Organic Aromas!

They sent their new Opulence Diffuser (see our review here), and the new Discovery Collection of essential oils.  This set really is awesome for “discovery,” as it contains a whopping 40 oils, all in a 2ml size.  This means you get to try them all, without having to fork out a month’s salary.  So, no wasting money on full-sized bottles of oils you may not like.  (Although I haven’t found any from Organic Aromas that I don’t like! 😉 )

Organic Aromas Discovery Collection 2


The set of oils is housed in a sturdy box with thick foam inside.  The foam has cut-outs for the vials, so they stay secure without banging around and leaking.  There are three different types of oils, organized by the color on the cap, so it’s easy to see which is which.

Organic Aromas Discovery Collection 3

The set includes 14 regular single oils, 10 organic oils, and 16 blends (you can see them all here).  My faves in the organics are the ylang ylang and, of course, the tea tree, which is great for SO many things.  In the regular single oils, I’ve really been partial to the geranium, cinnamon, and frankincense, another great stand-by.

Organic Aromas Discovery Collection 4

With the blends, they’re all stellar, but I find myself gravitating toward the Meditation, Pacific Northwest, and Butterflies Breath. The Harmony blend is also great for breathing issues- it really seems to help clear up my head.  I’ve also gotten quite a bit of use out of the eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary for my sinus issues.

The cool thing about this set is that I’ve also discovered some new faves- the Signature and Burglars blends.  The Burglars is also great for colds and flu, so it’s another “must” during this time of year.  The Signature blend has an intoxicating scent that’s SO relaxing.  Definitely going to be using this quite a bit!

If you’re new to essential oils, or if you’d just like to try more of them, then you NEED to head over to!