Taste & Learn About French Wine from Home with Blason Louis

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Hey everyone, hope you’re having a super fabulous weekend!

I’m not happy about the cooler weather, and we’re both really missing California.  The drive along the coast was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and our visit to Napa was amazing*.  We were fortunate and got to tour a winery in a castle, and got to taste some wonderful wines.

The thing I noticed on our wine tour was how many people didn’t know anything about wines.  The tasting part was ideal for these people, and our guide was able to explain the details of each wine.  It was at this point that several people mentioned they would have signed up a long time ago, but waited because they were too intimidated and didn’t want to appear “ignorant.”

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My opinion is no one should feel intimidated or ignorant when it comes to wine.  I grew up in a family of wine-lovers- wine is something that brings people together.   Wine is supposed to be joyful, relaxing and fun, not intimidating.  While there are exceptions to every “rule,” most true wine lovers enjoy sharing their knowledge, and would never look down on someone for wanting to learn.

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But, not everyone lives near a winery or has access to people to learn about wines from; and many people can’t just pick up and fly to a winery, right?  Thankfully, the Blason Louis Wine Tasting Society exists, and you don’t have to buy a whole bottle, they will send you wine by the glass!

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Blason Louis takes the intimidation factor out of French wines, so now you can learn things such as Burgundy wines aren’t always “burgundy.”  Burgundy means that the wine comes from the Burgundy region, and you can have a chardonnay from Burgundy, as chardonnay refers to variety of grapes.  But with Blason-Louis, you don’t just learn about it, you actually get to taste that chardonnay from Burgundy!

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The wine club at Blason Louis will send you flacons, or single servings, of wine each month, along with pertinent information about each wine.  You can choose how many flacons you want to taste, and if you like the wine, you have the option of purchasing whole bottles at any time, at reduced prices.  All from the privacy of your own home!

I got two flacons, both pinot noirs, one from the Sancerre region, and the other from Pommard.  Be sure to watch our video below to find out if I liked them!  If you’re interested in trying the wine club, click the link below and use code BEAUXBEAUTY to receive your $24.99 box for just $4.99!

For a limited time, click here and use code BEAUXBEAUTY to get your first shipment for just $4.99!

If you don’t see a YouTube video above, click here.

*Our trip to Napa was less than two weeks before all the fires in the area.  We met some of the most wonderful people there, and our hearts go out to all affected by the fires.  We’ll continue to keep the area and people in our thoughts.