Tarte’s Clay Paint Liner Makes Eyeliner Application a Breeze!

Introducing the Spring 2016 collection - Rainforest of the Sea

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I love using a gel eyeliner with a brush.  But, the only problem is that they seem to dry out so easily because the pot allows for repeated exposure to air.  It just seems so wasteful to spend a good bit of money for something that’s not going to be useable for long.

Tarte Eyeliner 1

On our last visit to Sephora, Bobby Dazzle and Cassie were working, and Cassie showed me the new Tarteist Clay Paint Liner from Tarte.  The neat thing is that it comes in a tube, so it stays fresh longer.  The top of the tube has what Tarte calls a “blending stage” that mimics an artist’s palette so you can easily dip the brush into it.  And the icing on the cake?  The brush is included!   The brush, by the way, is angled, which makes application an absolute breeze!

Tarteist Eyeliner 2

Some gel or liquid eyeliners dry so fast that they drag during application, while others don’t dry fast enough, and they end up smudging.  Tarteist Clay Paint Liner seems to be the “Goldilocks” of eyeliners- it dries quick enough that it doesn’t smudge, but not too quick.  The color was very black, and it lasted all day, never smudging or fading.  You will need an eye makeup remover, though, as my regular cleanser wouldn’t have done the job.

Tarte Eyeliner 3

The only negative is that the “blending stage” is black, which made it difficult to see how much I was squeezing out.  This resulted in a large “glob” of eyeliner shooting out and flying across the room.  I was unable to find it, but I’m sure it will show up on something that I don’t want it on…lol!  I’m actually tempted to get a silver or white paint pen to color this area with so I can see the eyeliner coming out more easily.

Winged Eyeliner 5

Tartist Clay Paint Liner retails for $24.00 for 0.21 oz. of liner and a brush.  You can get it at Tarte.com, or you can stop by and get it from Cassie or Bobby Dazzle!
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