Taking Control with an Abrie James Planner

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Abrie James Planner 1


Hello, everyone!!!!

Wow, life has gotten so chaotic lately.  I never really thought our blog would grow as much as it has.  It was just something we started to educate ourselves and share knowledge about what works and what doesn’t.  It got so tiring seeing people spend enormous amounts of money on products based on buzz words, professional-sounding “research,” etc.

Well, when we started getting more “hits,” sponsors, collabs, etc., Jerry told me I would need some sort of way to stay organized.  But, it really wasn’t that bad, at least not back then, anyway…lol!  I’m not sure when, but at some point, I started scribbling notes on scrap paper and leaving them everywhere, so I could keep track of what I needed to test out, photograph, write about, and post, and when I had to do these things.  This worked fine, until I had so many notes and scraps of paper that I started losing them…lol!

Being so busy can be overwhelming, so I learned Jerry was right.  In order to empower myself in a better way, and take more control, I needed a better system of organization.  I didn’t really want something digital, because I already have about 10-20 windows open at a time, which wreaks havoc on my computer speed…lol!  I wanted something smart and fashionable, that would make staying organized more fun, something I could take pleasure in.

As you can probably surmise, I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to partner with Abrie James to try out one of their planners.  The company’s founders, Crystal, along with her husband Ryan, wanted products that would show off their users’ sense of style.  So, their planners are inspired by runway fashion and glam.  Sounds like just the fun type of thing I need!

Abrie James Planner 3

The planner arrived beautifully packaged in a nice box, and even included some “Thank You” cards, which will be VERY helpful, since I tend to send a lot of these out.  (I learned to appreciate the art of “snail mail” from both my grandmothers <3.)  There is a protective piece of plastic to keep the cover looking fab, and there are tabs that help find each month more easily.

Abrie James Planner 2

Not only is the design sleek and chic, but it’s user-friendly- there are calendar pages as well as pages for notes at the end of each month.  To top it off, the company is located right here in Louisiana, so it gives me a sense of pride that this helpful, quality planner comes from close to home.

It seems like 2018 is off to a great start, as I’m actually looking forward to being better organized, and doing so in style!  If you’re ready to take control of your busy life so you can be less stressed, check  out the Abrie James planners at Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078RWKGL7

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