Retin-A: Day 60 (July 12, 2015)

This post is actually for July 12 through July 19, 2015. We went on a beach vacation to Gulf Shores, so I was curious as to how my skin would handle the sun and climate. We were outside, on the… Continue Reading

Somme Institute Skincare: Final Thoughts

Somme Mobile 2

One of my biggest pet peeves in the skincare industry is when companies use fallacies of logic in their marketing. The following are some hypothetical examples: “Four out of five subjects thought their skin looked younger.” “Hyaluronic acid, the same… Continue Reading

Somme Institute A-Bomb

Somme Institute A Bomb 1

According to Somme Institute, A-Bomb is a lightweight formula that helps fight aging by accelerating cell renewal, as well as treating and preventing blemishes, leaving skin supple and moisturized (Somme Institute, n.d.). Like the other products in Somme Institute’s skincare… Continue Reading

Retin-A: Day 1 (May 14, 2015)


I will be detailing my experience with using Retin-A (tretinoin) in this section of the site.  Please keep in mind that Retin-A is available by prescription only, and your results may not be the same as mine.  Only your doctor… Continue Reading

All About Retinoids: You Need One in Your Routine!

Retin A

Retinoids are forms of Vitamin A, and are some of the most researched ingredients in anti-aging skincare.  They are considered an exfoliant as well as an antioxidant.  Retinoids help fight free radical damage and stimulate collagen production.  As they have the most… Continue Reading

Philosophy Time in a Bottle

Meh. That’s the best way I can describe this product. In general, I really like Philosophy’s products, and I so wanted to love this. The company’s website claims the product contains some sort of DNA renewal complex and a high… Continue Reading