Not Your Father’s Root Beer FLOAT!!!

Not Your Fathers Root Beer Float 2

What do you get when you mix ice cream, alcohol, and root beer?  It’s Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float! So, I’ve been eating REALLY clean lately.  Then, my nephew was telling me how he just LOVES root beer floats. … Continue Reading

Obsessing Over Hard Root Beer!


I know it’s not really beauty-related, but… OMG.  Have you tried any of the hard root beers out there? I’m a wino at heart, but lately, I’ve really been craving hard root beer.  I can’t have it that often since… Continue Reading

Our Wild Weekend!


Lol, not really, but I wish we had the energy for wild weekends!  Over the last weekend and the past week, we got kind of off-schedule on account of Labor Day and other things going on, so I haven’t been… Continue Reading