St. Pat’s Eye Makeup + 1st Round NCAA Cyclone Victory!

Well, today is a GREAT day for beer!  Although, I haven’t had any yet.  Sad but true.  I really have no life.  Guess I need to work on that a bit. Anywho, my beloved alma mater, the Iowa State Cyclones… Continue Reading

Obsessing Over Hard Root Beer!

I know it’s not really beauty-related, but… OMG.  Have you tried any of the hard root beers out there? I’m a wino at heart, but lately, I’ve really been craving hard root beer.  I can’t have it that often since… Continue Reading

Current Obsessions: October 14, 2015

Yet again, two of my three obsessions for this week revolve around food!  I must be REALLY hungry! Hog jowls– My continued apologies to my vegetarian family members and friends, but I can’t help myself.  I am a meat-eater.  Being… Continue Reading