T-Shirts for a Cause: Pam’s Fight Against Light Chain Deposition Disease (LCDD)

We all have those friends in high school- you know, the ones who are laid back, easy-going, nice to everyone, and would do anything for anyone.  Kevin and Kyle were “those guys” back when I was a teenager, and they’re still like that even today.

While Kevin has always been more extroverted, and Kyle more introverted, they have a few things in common.  They’ve both always had a love of music and family, and if they knew someone needed something, and they were capable of helping, they would do so.

Usually, people like Kevin and Kyle are brought up in loving environments with strong, caring parents.  Their mother, Pam, is no exception, and now she needs our help.

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Pam with her sons, Kyle and Kevin

Pam was diagnosed with Light Chain Deposition Disease, or LCDD, a rare blood disease that damages organs and often results in kidney failure.  Normally, light chains (immunoglobulins that fight infection) are cleared away by the kidneys.  In those with LCDD, instead of being cleared, the light chains are deposited in the kidneys.  Around half of those with LCDD are also diagnosed with multiple myeloma.  (Read more about LCDD here.)

Pam’s diagnosis will require years of ongoing treatment, along with missed work and paychecks.  In addition to a GoFundMe campaign, Kyle and Kevin have been designing t-shirts to help raise money for her care.  Please take a moment to check out their fundraising pages (links at the bottom)- every dollar and donation, no matter how small, will add up and help greatly.

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T-shirt design for fundraiser on bonfirefunds.com

Kyle also designed a t-shirt, and they have made it available to all through the bonfirefunds.com website (click here to take a look or to purchase).  Keep checking back, because Kevin and Kyle are working on more!

From GoFundMe (click here to view campaign):

On Friday August 5th I got a call from my mom that she was in the emergency room in Iowa Falls awaiting transport to Ames, Iowa City, or Rochester due to a life threatening kidney issue. She was off to Ames from Iowa Falls; I was off to Ames from Des Moines.

Daily blood tests, every other day dialysis, an MRI, a bone marrow test, a biopsy and finally we have a name. It’s rare disease, of course, why wouldn’t it be in my family, called “Light Chain Deposition Disease” (negative for multiple myeloma, which is good).
The doctor says it’s ‘considered’ and treated as a cancer, but it’s not really a cancer. But, there are chemo treatments coming, in addition to the dialysis. She is also a few years behind on getting her hips replaced. It’s all just too much right now!

My mom does have insurance through her work, we all know this story. It doesn’t cover everything, especially these expensive treatments and tests. She only has enough PTO’s from work to cover maybe a weeks worth of pay. She’s been dealt a very unfair hand over the years, just one thing after another and she has never done anything except try harder but it’s always a couple steps forward and about 487 steps back.  She’s a very hard worker, a very caring person that loves and respects everyone. I’ve been helping her as much as I can over the last few years but this will be too many loose ends for me to tie up alone. So please, help us out.

We’re not asking for money to develop a potato salad recipe like that one guy did, we’re not asking for money so that my band can produce an album in an over-priced studio that we feel entitled to, nor any other frivolous ‘want.’ We just need some help getting through this rough time, with the flood of extra bills and keeping living expenses paid. Right now, we are in the red. This is my real life, this is my mom and family and we need help.

After all the events I’ve played and hosted over the years for people in need of help for medical expenses, this time it is I that needs you.    -As written by Kyle Christensen

GoFundMe campaign to benefit Pam Christensen

T-Shirt fundraiser for Pam Christensen

Thank you in advance for your t-shirt purchase, donation, positive thoughts, prayers, or anything you can offer in support of a superb lady!  <3

*Photos courtesy of Kyle Christensen