Sunrise: A Plum Blossom 23-Karat Gold Illuminated Lipstick from Tatcha


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OMG.  I didn’t think it was possible to find a lipstick more luxurious than Lipstick Queen’s Velvet Rope formulas.  Until now.

Tatcha, one of my favorite brands (see more info here), released a limited edition Kyoto Red lipstick a while back, and it was extremely successful.  Now, they have stepped it up even more with the release of their 23-Karat Gold Illuminated Lipstick.


The stunningly gorgeous cool plum pink has a fine hint of 23-karat gold for a lustrous, creamy finish that flatters any complexion, day and night.  This piece of pure luxury was inspired by the iconic pink Japanese Plum Blossom peeking through the snow on a Kyoto morning, wrapped in golden light.  The formula isn’t just pretty- it contains plum fruit and silk extracts to ensure richly hydrated lips.

Even with the 23-karat gold, the price is $55, the same as the Kyoto Red lipstick; so all things considered, it’s actually a very good deal.  If you have any interest, at all, in this lipstick, now’s the time to get it before they run out!  Click the banner below to get free shipping and three free samples with ANY order!