Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment


Tighten, exfoliate, and plump my lines? Reduce dark spots and increase circulation for radiance? Yes, please! Sunday Riley’s Good Genes Treatment is reported to accomplish all these things through the use of ingredients such as lactic acid, lemon grass, licorice, arnica, and yeast.

I first tried this treatment when I got a sample sachet with another order. It had an odd fragrance, kind of like lime. I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, but it dissipates very quickly. After applying it, I thought I noticed an almost immediate difference in my smile lines. Just to be sure, I had my better half take a look before, and then after applying the next evening. Even HE noticed the difference, and as such, he actually encouraged me to purchase the full-sized bottle. Although I had no problems, those with sensitive skin may find the lactic acid to be slightly irritating.

Sunday Riley recommends mixing this with the Ceramic Slip Cleanser, which I also have, to use as a mask. I have tried this once, but had to rinse off right away due to being called out. Hopefully I will remember to try it again soon, as I would love to see the results.

Sure, there are other lactic acid products on the market, at lower prices. But, I haven’t found any that are as effective as this one. According to the company’s website, the difference is in the purity and quality of the ingredients that go into the product. Due to such fantastic results, I am on my second bottle of this liquid magic, and will be re-purchasing.

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Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment retails for $105.00 for 1 oz.