Studio Gear Dual Identity Mineral Wet & Dry Foundation with Revitalizing Day Serum

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OMG, it’s hot down here in Louisiana! But, I guess it’s good to be hot here. Why? Because if you’re not hot in Louisiana, you’re dead! The heat and humidity also wreak havoc on skin and with makeup. Uggghhhh…

So, with all the foundation options on the market today, it can be pretty expensive to try them all out. It also gets expensive to buy different types of foundation for different weather conditions and seasons. Uggghhh again…

So, what’s a gal or guy to do? Well, Studio Gear has the perfect answer!

Studio Gear has a really cool product called Dual Identity Mineral Wet and Dry Foundation. This is a high-quality loose powder mineral product that, unlike many other brands, doesn’t have any cheap fillers- NO talc, NO fragrance, and NO parabens.

This marvelous foundation can be used wet or dry, depending on the coverage you would like. You can use it by itself by buffing it into skin on its own or over primer, you can mix it with your favorite SPF for superior sun protection, you can mix with Studio Gear Revitalizing Day Serum for a lightweight serum foundation, mix a darker shade with the brand’s Protective Day Lotion for a cream contour, or use it as a dry powder to set foundation.  (Make sure to keep checking back as we’ll be uploading a video demonstrating the product!)

Thanks to the lovely peeps at Studio Gear, I received the Dual Identity Mineral Wet and Dry Foundation in Sand, Revitalizing Day Serum, and their #3 Domed Foundation Brush. Woo-hoo!!!

Studio Gear Dual Intensity 2

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Studio Gear #3 Domed Foundation Brush

Like the other Studio Gear brushes I’ve used, this is very high-quality and well made. It doesn’t feel cheap, and it fits well in my hand. The brush itself is very soft, yet firm enough to buff foundation into the skin, but not so firm that it removes product. Cleaning was easy, only one hair came out during the initial washing, so that’s fantastic. After using, I cleaned it again, and there no shedding at all.

Studio Gear Revitalizing Day Serum

I used this serum as part of my skincare routine prior to foundation application. It’s made for all skin types and contains antioxidants, plant extracts, and structural lipids to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Since I really like the product, I want to end on a positive note, so I’ll start with the negative. First off, the serum is housed in a clear glass pump. When exposed to air or light, antioxidants become unstable and are rendered useless. Therefore, skincare products containing antioxidants should be packaged to prevent exposure to air or light (Kaur, Kapila & Agrawal, 2007).

The clear bottle is not a deal-breaker, though. It comes packaged in an opaque box, which keeps light away during transport. It’s easy enough to transfer the serum into a more protective container. Since the package is pretty, though, you may want to just store it in a dark area away from light!

I also noticed that the serum has an odd smell, not bad, just strange, but it goes away quickly. Why does it smell like this? There are no masking agents to cover up the scent of the ingredients. Those who are sensitive can rejoice- the serum is fragrance-free, so no worries about irritation! If you really like fragrance, though, you can easily add your own.

The Studio Gear Revitalizing Day Serum is very light weight, applies easily, and is readily absorbed. It made my skin feel smoother, and helped my moisturizer absorb easier, too.

Studio Gear Dual Intensity Mineral Wet and Dry Makeup

Studio Gear Wet Dry Foundation

This is truly a multi-tasking winner! I first tried using this on its own just as a loose mineral foundation. The coverage was minimal at first, but I could build it slightly, and ended with a light coverage finish. This is perfect for those days when you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup, but still want to look “put together.”

I also used the foundation mixed with a few drops of the Revitalizing Day Serum. I tapped a bit of the powder onto the back of my hand, added the serum, then dipped the #3 Domed Foundation Brush into it, and applied to my face. Omg. This was amazing! This was a light to medium finish, and I had a glowy (not greasy) look! I added a bit more for medium coverage, still had a glow, and did not look “over done.” This was a perfect look for summer, and I’ll definitely be using the products this way a LOT!

Studio Gear Dual Intensity 4

I also used the foundation as a powder to set my face after using it as a serum foundation. I had a more matte look, without looking “cakey.” This also took the guess work out of matching a powder to a foundation.

These Studio Gear products were a definite hit for me. The versatility alone makes them very worthwhile because you can do so much with them.

Studio Gear Dual Intensity Mineral Wet and Dry Makeup retails for $28.00, Revitalizing Day Serum $40.00, and #3 Domed Foundation Brush $40.00. All three products are available from Studio Gear by clicking here, be sure to use code BeauxBeauty at checkout!


Kaur, I., Kapila, M. & Agrawal, R. (2007). Role of novel delivery systems in developing topical antioxidants as therapeutics to combat photoageing. Aging Research Reviews, 6(4). Retrieved June 16, 2016, from