Studio Gear #29 Precision Fine Liner Brush

Although I have heard of the Studio Gear brand, I am just beginning to “discover” their products. After finding out our local Stage store carries Studio Gear, I was excited to try a few things. I had previously only used flat or angled liner brushes, so I bought the #29 Precision Fine Liner Brush from Jordan B. (thanks, Jordan!).

studio gear eyeliner brush 2

According to the company, this brush is perfect for gliding on cake, liquid, gel, cream, or wet powder liner. They also suggest using the point to dot liner between lashes for a subtle look. The first thing I noticed was that the brush head resembled some of the higher quality detailing brushes I had in art school. I was impressed with the quality- the bristles didn’t spread or fan out; they maintained a sharp taper so I could apply my liner very easily. Although a bolder line takes a bit longer to do with this brush as opposed to a flat brush, once you get used to it, it does offer more control. Another plus is that Studio Gear guarantees their brushes against manufacturer defects for the life of the brush.

With such a great guarantee, and very reasonable prices, I can’t wait to try out more Studio Gear brushes!

The Studio Gear #29 Precision Fine Liner Brush retails for $18.00.

studio gear eyeliner 4 studio gear eyeliner brush 3