StoryBrew Coffee Cafe, Natchitoches, Louisiana

Hey everyone!

If you saw my previous post about the new Melt Cosmetics palette (read it here), then you know I’ve REALLY been needing a break, and still haven’t had it in months.  But, due to  rain interrupting my work (thank you, Creator!), Jerry and I had a few minutes to check out a new coffee shop in our area- StoryBrew Coffee Cafe in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Jerry and me, I promise we wore masks until we sat down away from anyone else!

StoryBrew is the dream that became a reality for Jerry’s son’s wife’s sister (got all that? Lol!), Amber, and her husband Travis.  It’s a coffee shop that features fantastic brews, Amber’s own homemade treats, and… books!  Due to The Virus, you can only get items to-go for now, or you can sit at the tables located outside, spaced safely apart.  Despite the extenuating circumstances, there’s still a wide variety of beverages and goodies to choose from, and books available for 25 cents.

Fresh coffee, photo by Amber Beaudoin, used with permission

The menu has a variety of teas, coffee, coffee drinks, and sweets such as chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, even pineapple banana bread!  The location is at 780 Front Street, Suite 104, in downtown Natchitoches, across from Cane River, with the outdoor seating overlooking Front Street and the river.  As The Virus threat starts to subside, the inside will be open at some point.  But I feel confident in going here, with us both being high risk, as they’re placing safety first.

My coconut dark chocolate macchiato with lavender whipped cream and a chocolate chip cookie

It was difficult to choose what we wanted, as everything looked and sounded amazing! Jerry ordered an iced mocha latte with vanilla whipped cream, and I ordered a coconut dark chocolate iced latte with lavender whipped cream (!!!), and we each ordered a chocolate chip cookie.  Omg, everything not only looked pretty, but tasted divine!

Caramel macchiato, photo by Amber Beaudoin, used with permission

We had no idea when we decided to venture out that we’d be in for a  surprise.  When we went to place our order, Jerry’s son suddenly seemed to appear out of nowhere- he was in town for the day helping out, as there was some sort of event going on.  So, it seemed like it was fate that we happened to have a few free minutes at this particular time!  We had a nice break visiting with Kevin and getting to try the coffee and cookies.

Kevin and Jerry

If you happen to be in the central Louisiana area, be sure to make time to head to downtown Natchitoches and try out StoryBrew Coffee Cafe, you won’t regret it!  Check them out on Facebook for more info, and pics that will give you cravings!

*This is NOT a sponsored review- all items were paid for out of personal funds at regular menu price.  No one knew we’d be there, and no one knew we’d be writing this post.