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Aang aang- hello!

Can you believe it’s March already?!?!  Not ready for allergy season, but I’m really ready for sunnier weather and being outside a lot more!

I usually color my hair in the late fall as it’s always stripped from the summer sun, and the ends are lighter than my roots from being outside so much.  I didn’t have a chance to do so the past fall due to so much going on (health scare, Q4 work, and our house flooding), so you’ll have to excuse my weird hair color…lol.

BUT, there’s a silver lining here!  My hair also hasn’t been trimmed in several months, so the dryness and bad ends look REALLY bad.  The extra time is allowing me to address that, thanks to BeachwaverBeachwaver’s haircare is similar to Olaplex in that it increases the bonds of hair.  Beachwaver utilizes HIx technology, Hydro + Ionic Alpha Bond Multiplier, to strengthen the internal hair structure- up to three times that of untreated hair.  And… almost ALL of their products contain HIx!

So… I decided not to get my ends trimmed off, so I could REALLY put these products to the test.  I’ve been using the Good Vibes line on a regular basis as my hair comes out silky and shiny.  But, before I color, I decided to start using the Stay Strong products for a while first, to prepare my hair so it won’t get as damaged.  This line consists of the Be Strong Pre-Shampoo Reparative Foam, and the Stay Strong Reparative shampoo and conditioner.

Oh, btw- all the Beachwaver haircare products smell absolutely heavenly.  There are several different scents, and you get a luxurious experience using them, but the do dissipate so they don’t conflict with any other fragrances you may decide to wear.  However- for those who are like me, and don’t want that lux smell to go away, they have EDP fragrance sprays and rollerballs in the same scents as their haircare!  Stay Strong is “Bali Beach Night,”


Anywho, I started with the Be Strong Reparative Foam, which is applied to the hair from roots to ends prior to shampooing.  My hair is very long, so I thought I’d have to use the whole bottle, but a little goes a long way, so I’ll get quite a few uses out of it.  I kind of sprayed it directly onto my hair, then worked it through with my hands, then a comb.  I will say it’s a bit sticky. but it wasn’t really an issue since it gets washed out right away.  I did leave it in for about 5 minutes, though, while I got out my towel and laid out clothes for after my shower.

I rinsed out the Be Strong foam, shampooed twice with the Stay Strong Reparative Shampoo, then followed with the Stay Strong Reparative Conditioner.  I left the conditioner on just long enough to shave my legs.  At times I’ll leave conditioner in longer, but I just wanted to test out how well it would work with less than 3 minutes.

After I got out of the shower, I put my hair up in a towel (that’s why some of it looks wavier), no oils or any other products, long enough to use my Elemis Superfood Vital Veggie Mask.  I rinsed off the mask after about 15 minutes, then took the towel off my hair, and just let it hang and air dry.

After using Beachwaver Be Strong/Stay Strong haircare ONCE

First off, this is a strengthening and reparative line, not a softening line- so my hair wasn’t quite as soft and silky feeling as with the Good Vibes, although it still felt pretty great.  What it did was make my hair incredibly shiny, and strong enough that most of the frizz was GONE.  With NO other products used.  I usually only get this effect if I use a heat tool or leave-in product of some sort.  Mind.  Blown.

I’m absolutely confident my hair will be in much better shape after using the Be Strong/Stay Strong products for a few weeks, and will look all the more gorgeous when I finally get around to coloring!  Click here and use code BEAUXWAVE at checkout for a discount at!

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