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Oh. Em. Gee. Jaw drop.

I swear, when this box came in the mail and I opened it up, I almost peed my pants. Well, my running shorts, that is. This is THE ultimate sonic device. I’ll refrain from calling it a sonic cleanser or cleansing brush because it does OH. SO. MUCH. MORE.


Michael Todd’s Soniclear is the king of sonic devices, and the Soniclear Elite is the brand’s premier device. The Soniclear Elite Deluxe includes the Soniclear Elite control handle, along with several extras. There are also myriad brush head options available, including various colors of face brushes, various colors of body brushes, Lush Cashmere brush head, pedicure head, and a Sonic Infusion Head.


I received the Hippie Chic design, which happens to be my favorite of them all! Yes, of them all– there are nine colors/designs available with the Soniclear Elite, and seven available with the Deluxe package. There is also a purple orchid design available exclusively through Ulta, and I received a Deluxe HSN package that also included the Lush Cashmere and Sonic Infusion heads.

Now, for the features!

The Power Control Handle can produce up to 300 sonic movements per second, which allows for 6x better cleansing than with your hands alone.


The Antimicrobial Daily Cleanse Brush is not only gentle, but effective for daily cleansing. The bristles are sized and rounded at the top, and antimicrobial technology helps protect the brush from stains and odors. The Antimicrobial Body Brush is great for exfoliating your body, resulting in smoother skin. This brush also has the antimicrobial technology.


The Soniclear Elite has 6 sonic speeds for a cleansing experience that’s customizable to your skin type. Also, C-Boost provides a pulsating massage to rev-up your skincare routine. A built-in timer automatically beeps so you know when to move to the next area.


The cordless and rechargeable design allows for up to an hour of continuous use on a single charge. The device is fully waterproof for use in the bath and shower. Non-slip Comfort Grips ensure comfort while helping to prevent the device from slipping, which is especially great for use when wet. A charging stand allows for easy charging as well as convenient, accessible upright storage. To top it all off, the Soniclear Elite has an industry-leading five year warranty.

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The Soniclear Elite Deluxe package, in addition to the above, also includes the pedicure head, a shower caddy, extension handle for hard-to-reach areas, and a travel case, all for just $199.


I really liked packaging- the Soniclear Elite Deluxe is packaged in a box inside a box. This isn’t just more durable, but it’s almost like getting a present when you open the outer box, and see a lavender box inside. Speaking of presents, I was like a kid at Christmas when I opened this up, I really wanted to try every single thing right then!


The Soniclear Elite is very well made, very sturdy, and it doesn’t feel “cheap.” Since it’s a high quality device, it’s not as light weight as cheap, lower-quality models offered in discount stores. But, since it’s ergonomically shaped and has comfortable grips, this isn’t a problem- it’s very well-weighted and feels good in the hand.

The charging is a breeze, just plug in the base, then set the device into it. The first time you charge, leave it in the base for 24 hours for optimal performance. I like how there are three lights to show the charging process- when it’s up to a third charged, the bottom light will flash, up to two-thirds and the middle light will flash, up to a full charge, the top light will flash. When all three lights remain on, it’s fully charged.


The controls are also very easy, there are three buttons and two lights. One button is for the regular pulsations, one button is for the C-Boost, and the other is the power. The bottom light is low, top light is medium, and when both lights are on, the device is on high. Press the power button, then select either the regular or C-Boost to turn the device on. The smart technology “remembers” your last setting when you turn it off. There is a beep to let you know when it’s time to switch areas. Pretty nifty, huh?


Face Brush

I pre-cleansed with the Michael Todd Grape Seed Oil Cleanser (see my review here), then used the Soniclear Elite with the Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Cleanser (see my review here), and had amazing results. My skin was extremely clean, and even though my skin is hypersensitive from Retin-A, I experienced no irritation. Keep in mind, though, that if you’re not used to a sonic device, use only once a day, or once every other day, on a low setting until your skin adjusts.


The face brush has unique bristles that are curved at the tips, making it very gentle. While the bristles are just as stiff as my regular Clarisonic brush head, which makes them cleanse effectively, the rounded tips makes the brush just as gentle as my sensitive brush head- so you get the best of both worlds. I love that it’s antimicrobial, too. Although, as always, Michael Todd recommends that you still wash the brush with each use.

Lush Cashmere Brush

The first time I ever saw a picture of this brush, I thought it looked like a sponge, almost like cotton. Lo and behold, it was actually a brush. Yes, the bristles are that soft! A photo doesn’t do this brush justice, so check out the short video clip here. Despite the softness, the sonic action makes this brush very effective. The best thing is, I’ll be able to cleanse my skin sonically even after a peel or when my skin is “acting up.”


Body Brush

I used the Soniclear Elite with the body brush while showering, and it worked equally well with both a shower gel and a bar soap. It was so awesome- I’ve never been this excited about a shower accessory before…lol!


The extension handle was great, and felt very secure and sturdy. I often have problems with itchy skin because it gets so dry. Not today! Although the brush was not irritating, it was very effective at exfoliation, and I had no dry skin. Plus, my back hasn’t felt so clean (and relaxed due to the massaging) in a LONG time!


Sonic Infusion

The Sonic Infusion head and C-Boost technology are perhaps my two favorite features of the Michael Todd Soniclear Elite. I used this with several different types of serum, and not only did the product seem to absorb better, but I had a nice face massage, too! I was also able to use less serum since the metal infuser did not soak it up like fingers do.


I’m not going to lie, I used this on Jerry, too…lol! Yeah, I know, you shouldn’t share skincare devices, and we don’t normally do that, but since this is metal, it was easily sanitized. Unlike with some procedures I’ve subjected him to (he’s a really good sport), he didn’t yelp or act irritated. I did, however, notice that he kept touching his face afterward. 😉


I run, a lot, like anywhere from 3.5 to 10 miles at a time, so my feet are pretty callused and rough. When I first took the pedicure head out of the package, it seemed very gentle, and I didn’t think there was any possible way it could take on my rough feet. But, when combined with the sonic device, especially with C-Boost, it got the job done. Smoothing out my rough skin was quicker and easier than ever.


Cleansing AND Anti-Aging!

A major topic of this blog is antiaging skincare, and avoiding invasive procedures for as long as possible. The cleaner our skin, the easier our skincare products are absorbed. Furthermore, a thorough cleansing helps keeps clogged pores and blackheads at bay.


In addition to cleansing, the C-Boost provides an invigorating facial massage. According to Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic) Medical School’s Michal Vilimovsky, evidence has shown that massage not only helps circulation, but it also enhances collagen production, resulting in a more youthful appearance (Vilimovsky, 2015).

I was also really impressed with the Sonic Infusion head. According to a study conducted at the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, a serum containing quality anti-aging ingredients combined with sonic massage provided significant results in reducing wrinkles and fine lines (Shah & Alster, 2010).

With the cleansing, C-Boost, and Sonic Infusion, the Soniclear Elite is truly a “triple threat” against aging. The box I received was a special deal, but you can always purchase the Sonic Infuser separately for just $35, which is a lot less expensive than buying a whole separate device.

Holy Grail Sonic Device

Overall, the Michael Todd Soniclear Elite is my Holy Grail sonic device. As much as I love my Clarisonic, it doesn’t have anything on the Soniclear Elite. The Soniclear Elite is a solid competitor in quality, but it has a lot of extra features that the Clarisonic doesn’t, and the price just can’t be beat at $149 for the Soniclear Elite or $199 for the Deluxe kit.

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