Society Socks: Helping Others

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Hi there, hope you’ve all had a fab Monday!

If you’ve kept up with our blog, you may know I have a soft spot for socially responsible companies.  With these brands, when a third party (e.g. charity) is involved, there are multiple benefits that come full circle.

The customer gets a quality product while benefitting from knowing the purchase isn’t in vain, the third party/charity gets the benefit of good will, and the company gets the revenue.  This is kind of like business karma- customers are more likely to purchase if they can feel good about the purchase and buyers’ remorse is reduced, so these companies stand a decent chance of faring well.  If more businesses would do this type of thing, the world would be a much better place.

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Anyway, I received an email from a brand called Society Socks.  This is a monthly subscription service where you receive two pairs of socks per month, and for each pair of socks received by customers, a pair is donated to homeless shelters.  This is great news, considering socks are the most requested item in the country’s shelters (Gordon, 2015).

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Here’s how it works- you select your subscription plan, as in the length and payment method, and you get two pairs of socks each month, and two pairs go to the shelters the company works with.  You can cancel any time without obligation.

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The two pairs of socks we received are beyond fabulous.  One pair is orange with a fun bicycle print, and other pair has gray stripes with mint green toes, heel, and top.  They’re very comfortable and seem well-made- they don’t feel really thin or cheap, and they’ve quickly become some of our faves.

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The socks are marketed to men, but they are suitable for all genders.  Jerry and I share socks, so they’re perfect for us.  Although, I’m the fun sock hoarder in our house, so I’ll probably hide these from Jerry so I can wear them mostly myself…lol!

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Interested?  Want some super-duper cool socks?  Want to give back at the same time?  Head over to!

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Currently, the shelters the company donates to are the Covenant House and Young Women’s Christian Association.  They also work with the American Blind Skiing Association, Colette’s Children’s Home, Grip Limited, KidCare, and Providence Fire Department.  Society Socks is always looking for new charities to donate socks to, and new community organizations to partner with, so don’t hesitate to contact them if you’re interested.


Gordon, R. (2015). Best items to donate to homeless shelters. Recycle Nation. Retrieved February 1, 2018, from