Smart Stuff Mineral Sunscreen & Natural Insect Repellent

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Woo-hoo!!! With warmer weather here, it’s time for a lot more outdoor activity, and I’ve already gotten a head start. So, I was ecstatic to get the opportunity to try out two products from Smart Stuff, a brand that is new to me. Have I mentioned how much I love trying new stuff?

Smart Stuff was formed by some physicians who are also parents. They wanted high-quality products that are not only effective, but safe, and free from the dangerous chemicals found in so many household items.

I received the Mineral Based Sunscreen and the Natural Insect Repellent, both of which will be VERY useful. I run several times a week, and I do a lot of yard work and gardening. So, these products are a great addition to our household.

Smart Stuff Mineral Based Sunscreen for Face & Body

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The Smart Stuff sunscreen has a broad spectrum SPF of 30, which is the gold standard set by the American Academy of Dermatology. The formula is water resistant for up to 40 minutes, and contains no synthetic chemical sun filters.

Although the active ingredient in the Smart Stuff sunscreen is 20% zinc oxide, it’s purported to be a non-whitening formula. It’s also free of parabens, PABA, petroleum, phthalates, and gluten.

Sunscreen is my number one priority when it comes to anti-aging. First of all, it helps prevent aging. Second, if you don’t protect yourself from the sun, you’re going to undo all the hard work you’ve done to keep your skin healthy and young.

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Smart Stuff sunscreen is housed in a sanitary and convenient-to-use tube. It can be used on your face and body, so it’s very versatile. The texture is very nice, kind of like whipped cream (now I’m hungry…lol). I did notice a slight white cast on my face, but it lessened after a few minutes and was barely visible on my medium-toned skin. It never got greasy, and it didn’t clog my pores. Also, I was actually able to skip my moisturizer- huge plus!

Smart Stuff Natural Insect Repellent

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The Smart Stuff Natural Insect Repellent is a DEET-free formula that contains plant-based essential oils and extracts to help repel insects, such as mosquitoes and deer ticks, safely and effectively.

The active ingredients include soybean oil, peppermint oil, geranium oil, and cinnamon leaf oil. The only negative is that some botanicals can be irritating to some people. But, in the grand scheme of things, chemicals commonly used in this type of product are probably far worse!

The Smart Stuff Natural Insect Repellent comes in a non-aerosol spray bottle. The best part? Not only does it not stink, but it actually smells good! It has a very fresh, natural herbal smell, and I wanted to keep spraying!

I usually get five to ten mosquito bites when I’m mowing the lawn, but today was a much more pleasant experience! I only noticed one mosquito on me, but it was in an area on back of my shoulder that was hard to reach with spray. Even so, it didn’t actually bite me, so no itchiness this evening!

Overall, both the Smart Stuff sunscreen and insect repellent are great products, and I was impressed with their performance. On top of that, they’re a great value at just $15.99 each!

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