Saint Jane Luxury Lip Cream

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Hi everyone!  Hope you’ve all had a fabulous and SAFE weekend!

We managed to get out for coffee- we’re both high risk with The Virus, so we wore masks to order, and stayed away from others, but it was still nice to support a locally-owned small shop (that’s utilizing safe procedures).  After over a month in isolation, it was such a super-duper treat to have an iced coffee drink and a homemade cookie!  Thank you, StoryBrew (read about it here)!

My coconut dark chocolate macchiato with lavender whipped cream and a chocolate chip cookie

So, due to the rain causing a change in my plans and work, I was finally able to try a few new products that came in.  Woo hoo!  One of them was the Luxury Lip Cream lipstick from Saint Jane Beauty.  Saint Jane is a newer brand of “clean” beauty products based on CBD, and the COAs (certificate of analysis) are publicized for each product, so you know exactly what you’re getting.  I’ve had fantastic results in using skincare products with high quality CBD, as my sensitive skin has been soothed, and inflammation eased.

I’ve also started using CBD balms on my lips, as they remain constantly chapped.  The best I’ve found has been from Lazarus Naturals- I use their rose and lavender balms on my lips, and the mint and cedar on achy muscles.  I’ve had great results, and my lips peel less, even after using super-drying matte lipsticks!  Now THAT’S impressive!

I knew Saint Jane made lip glosses, but I don’t wear glosses a lot, as many of them tend to be sticky on me.  But, the lipsticks really intrigued me.  It currently comes in seven lovely shades, each with a whopping 50 mg of full spectrum cannabidiol (CBD).  I love a good red lipstick, as it’s a timeless color, and suitable for almost any occasion, day or night, any time of the year.  I got the Saint Jane Luxury Lip Cream in “Amen,” a gorgeous shade of red, and it’s just been sitting in a pile of boxes that I haven’t gotten to because of the flooding, etc.

I finally got to swipe it on- and even though I’d normally refrain from wearing lip color when needing to wear a mask- or at least use a long-wearing matte, I decided to try this anyway since I finally had the opportunity to take it for a “test drive” when we went for coffee.  As expected, a bit came off on my mask, but it wasn’t too bad.  I used a lip liner, then applied the lipstick, blotted, then reapplied, and blotted again.  A small amount came off onto my mask, but not nearly what I expected!

The lipstick is housed in a sleek, luxurious looking tube with a magnetic lid.  It looks like it would be heavy, but it’s not.  It doesn’t feel “cheap,” either- it’s light weight but high quality.  I was able to stash it in my handbag without it getting damaged, but it didn’t add any extra weight to my already heavy bag…lol!

Immediately after applying Saint Jane Luxury Lip Cream in Amen

When I got my coconut dark chocolate macchiato, a bit came off on the straw, but again, not a whole lot.  I expected a lot more transfer with such a moisturizing, healthy formula.  The lipstick glided on easily and smoothly when I applied directly.  No snagging or “pulling,” it was an effortless application, and the formula is very pigmented.  Despite it being highly moisturizing, since I used a liner, I didn’t notice any feathering.

After wearing a mask, drinking coffee, and eating a cookie

Even after drinking my delish macchiato and eating a heavenly chocolate chip cookie, I didn’t have any smearing.  Although there was some expected transfer, I didn’t have a need to reapply, my lips still looked acceptable.  It was also pretty easy to remove with the rest of my makeup, and unlike matte formulas, my lips were actually left healthier and softer!  (Now I’m going to have try the glosses!)

Head over to to see the shades and get more info or purchase!

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