Royal Formula Argan Oil Hair Mask

Royal Formula Argan Oil Hair Mask 1


Monday Fun-Day is here!!  Hope you’ve all had a fantastical weekend!

We had a great weekend, especially because I tried out a new hair mask, and it has worked wonders!  I have long, thick, coarse, color-treated hair, which is prone to damage.  So, I was super happy to partner with Nature’s Potent to try out their Royal Formula Argan Oil Hair Mask.

This treatment is purported to hydrate, moisturize, repair, restore, and strengthen hair that is weak, damaged and overprocessed, resulting in better manageability and growth.  Hair is left softer, shinier, and more nourished from the 100% organic argan oil.

Make sure to check out our short video at the bottom for more info!

The mask is packaged in an attractively labeled jar, which is easy to use.  Now, if you’ve kept up with us, you probably know I don’t like cosmetic or skincare products in jars, right?  Well, this stuff is THICK, so I don’t know that it would work in another type of package.  I just make sure to hold it away from the water when I’m in the shower, and I have no issues.

Royal Formula Argan Oil Hair Mask 2

The first thing I noticed when I used the Royal Formula Argan Oil Hair Mask is how absolutely amazing it smells!  Oh my gosh, it seriously made my shower feel like a spa experience- I didn’t want to rinse it out…lol!  (It dissipates after you rinse it out, though, so no worries about it clashing with any fragrance you may want to wear.)

Despite the thickness, the mask was easy to work through my hair.  It contains one of my fave conditioner ingredients- cyclopentasiloxane.  This is a type of silicone that is actually soluble, and even has the ability to evaporate into the air.  It works really well to transport active ingredients to exactly where they need to go.  So, the good stuff will go directly to the damaged areas, with the cyclopentasiloxane being rinsed away.

Royal Formula Argan Oil Hair Mask 4

As I was rinsing my hair, I noticed how silky it felt.  My dry ends tend to feel pretty rough after rinsing out my conditioner, and I have to use leave-in treatments to take care of the issue.  Not with this- ALL of my hair felt SO silky.  After I dried my hair, I didn’t need to use any additional product- my hair was smooth, silky, and shiny all on its own.  But, it wasn’t heavy and didn’t feel weighed down.

The thing that surprised me the most is that the ingredient list is similar to another mask I’ve had that was around $70.  I was amazed at the results, and how little of the product I needed to use, even for the amount of hair I have.  If your hair is damaged, dry, brittle, in need of repair or if you’d just like more silky shininess, give Nature’s Potent Royal Formula Argan Oil Hair Mask a shot- I think you’ll really like it!  Available at Amazon.

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