RevivHair Placode Booster Serum Review


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Hello, everyone, hope you’re having a great week!

Have you ever had something happen that totally surprised you? Well, having long, thick hair, I never thought I’d have to worry about hair thinning or loss. Unfortunately, I thought wrong. L

As I started running a lot and going back to the gym, I started wearing my hair in a ponytail almost every day. Those new ribbon ties didn’t hold my hair securely enough for a workout, so I started using the more traditional bands. This lead to hair around my hair line being pulled out. Uggghh…

Needless to say, I was really pleased to have the opportunity to try out the Placode Booster Serum from RevivHair. Placode Booster, targeted at minimizing hair loss and encouraging new growth, helps boost the development of healthy follicles, lessens thinning hair, helps strengthen fibers, and thickens existing strands (Reviv Serums, 2016).

Three bacterial fermentation-derived highly stable, highly pure biometric peptides have shown to stimulate de novo hair generation by activating WNT signals, which in turn activate beta-catinin-Lef signals for hair growth. These molecules are proven to help reduce hair loss, as well as help maintain and increase the density of thinning hair (Reviv Serums, 2016).

In a 60-day, 23-person consumer study of RevivHair Placode Booster, 87% of test subjects reported a reduction in the appearance of falling hair, 92% agreed that their hair appeared healthier or thicker, 74% saw a reduction in the appearance of thinning scalp areas, 92% said their hair appeared more supple or fuller (Reviv Serums, 2016).

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As with my previous Reviv Serums shipment, they really make you feel special. When you open the box, it’s almost like you’re unwrapping a special present- they even include a “thank you” card. I love it when companies care enough about their customers to put forth this extra effort!

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I’m not going to lie, at first I thought the packaging was kind of gimmicky- the serum is housed in six vials, one for each week, and contains a sponge-tipped syringe for application. Having worked in the medical field, this kind of stuff bugs me a bit. However, I discovered that the syringe actually makes for easier application, especially since I just needed this for my hairline. The separate vials also help keep the serum safe from exposure to air, and you get fresh product each week.


Thanks to the applicator, the serum was easy to apply and keep in the areas I needed it, rather than wasting it on other areas of my head. I just applied with the applicator, then massaged it into my scalp. It didn’t feel overly sticky or thick, so it was easily absorbed. I expected to feel a bit of itchiness like I do when I use eyelash serums, but that never happened- there was no discomfort whatsoever.


Since my area of concern was in front, I used RevivHair Placode Booster Serum at night. Depending on the area that needs attention, you may want to use this in the morning so it doesn’t wear off on your pillow. No worries, though, I tried it during the day and just waited a few minutes, then styled my hair as usual with no problems.

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I didn’t really notice any difference until after the first week or so, then it was almost like I had put fertilizer on my head…lol! Overall, if you have thinning hair or loss of hair, you should consider giving this stuff a shot. The serum definitely helped me grow new hair a lot faster- now I just need to quit wearing my hair in such a tight ponytail!


RevivHair Placode Booster Serum retails for $79, but is currently on sale for the introductory price of just $44- visit RevivHair for more information. Through September 30, 2016, use code BEAUX5 at checkout to get an additional $5 off the sale price!  Make sure to click here because RevivHair is giving 8 lucky winners a full-size box of Placode Booster for FREE!


Reviv Serums (2016). RevivHair Placode Booster Serum. Astonishing Developments, LTD.



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