Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask

One of my favorite beauty advisors, Missy, told me about this mask, and I was curious about the fizz factor she described, so I went ahead and purchased it. The manufacturer says this mask will deliver oxygen through Nasturtium extract, and enhance the skins energy supply via instant foaming action. It contains vitamins, antioxidants, and botanical extracts to help regenerate and repair the skin while protecting it from free radicals.

First off, I didn’t notice my skin being any more “energetic” than it was prior to using this. What I did notice was that it seemed to effervesce on my face- it brought me back to my childhood breakfasts of Rice Krispies! It fizzed up, and when it’s done fizzing, it’s time to take it off. When I took it off, my skin felt really smooth and did seem to be a bit more radiant. This was such a fun mask to use that I insisted my hubby try it out as well. Unfortunately, he thought it felt more like tiny ants crawling all over his face, so he will not be trying it again…lol! While it is one of the more fun masks I have used and is fantastic to use before an event, I am unsure of the long-term results.  Only time will tell if I repurchase.

Update- When I first wrote this review, I wasn’t sure if I would repurchase due to not knowing whether the long-term results would make it worthwhile.  It’s not as strong as prescription strength brightening products, but with regular use, I did notice a difference.  The main thing I noticed was my skin became more luminous.  (This must be the “energizing” they mentioned!) There was a luminosity to my skin that I simply could not get from tretinoin or hydroquinone.  It also takes such a small amount of product (it actually works better if you don’t spread it on too thick) that the bottle will last a LONG time.  Well worth the price! -September 21, 2015

Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask retails for $65.00 for 1 oz.