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It’s been rainy here up until now, but it got up to 73 last week- so I was super happy about that.  Hoping it will warm up again so I can have some good-weather runs rather than the cold and rain-runs I’ve been doing!

Anywho, as I mentioned in my previous few posts, I’ve been pretty absent lately from the blog as I’ve had a lot of family stuff going on.  It’s all good stuff- both my mother and I were adopted, and I’ve met my birth family on both sides when I was a kid.  But, I’ve never known who my MOTHER’S birth family was, until now.  She had started looking for them, but then she died an untimely death.  I’ve always vowed to put family before all, so despite being Q4, I chose to forego revenue from holiday marketing opportunities in favor of more genealogy research and getting to know my newfound family.  It’s been totally worth it!

There are a few brands, however, that I’m always very excited about, so the few posts I’m doing are about those.  And… we have some Pixi winter goodies to brag on!  Pixi is one of my fave brands- it’s a step above drugstore, but priced very reasonably.

First off are the new Pixiglow Cakes… these are basically ombre palettes of sheer color that can highlight, add color to cheeks, and lightly contour.   While the colors are sheer, they’re quite buildable if you want a more intense look.  These are great for travel, especially if you don’t need heavy contouring- you can get a great glowing complexion with just one palette.

There are two palettes available- PinkChampagne Glow and GildedBare Glow.  The darkest shade of each palette works well for me if I want a bronzed look right now, and I’m excited for summer because I want to see if it performs equally as well on my darker skin.  They both seem like the blush and highlight shades would work with almost any complexion, and the formula is super silky and blends with ease.

And… just as exciting as the Glow Cakes is the Ultimate Beauty Kit 5th Edition!  (Pssst… it’s on sale for just $16.00 right now!!  You’re welcome 😉 )  The palette contains both matte and glow formulas of shadows, blushes, and highlighters.   There are a TON of shades, so you can create endless looks with this palette.

My favorite thing about Pixi eyeshadows is the texture and consistency.  They’re not as pigmented as some of the higher end formulas I have, but they do have quite respectable amount of pigmentation.  The main thing with these is how easy they are to apply and blend.  They go on super smoothly, and blend out with such ease that even someone new to makeup can create a fab look.

The weird thing is that even the matte shades are really silky, and that’s definitely something to brag about.  The shades are also buildable, so you can easily intensify your look.  If you want a good, value-priced palette that has everything you need to create a new look every day, this is it!

Keep checking back because I’ve got some great Pixi skincare treats to tell you about, too!  For more info on the palettes, or to purchase, head over to PixiBeauty.com.

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