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Hope you’re having a wonderful week!  If you’re a regular visitor to our site, you probably already know Vitamin C is one of my fave skincare ingredients, and Pixi is a fave brand.  Combine the two, and it’s skin happiness for sure!

I had the privilege of coming back from a trip to find a package of Pixi Beauty’s Vitamin C Skintreats, including Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser, Vitamin-C Tonic, Vitamin-C Serum, Vitamin-C Lotion, and Vitamin-C Caviar Balm.  I could not wait to get these onto my face!

Pixi Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser

At first, I thought the Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser was going to be one of those liquid-to-foam cleansers- and that once I used it to wash my face, it would get sudsy.  I was so wrong!  This is a cleansing water, similar to micellar water, that contains antioxidants to brighten the skin.  It’s also formulated with probiotics and ferulic acid to help protect the skin.

There are so many great “regular” cleansers on the market, so I was excited when I discovered what this actually was!  I often use cleansing wipes and micellar water to do quick makeup changes, or just to freshen up my skin even when I’m not wearing makeup.  This stuff is also great after a workout if I can’t immediately hop into the shower.

The packaging is awesome, and super-convenient.  Just flip open the lid, then use a cotton pad, tissue, or even your fingers to press down, and the product is automatically dispensed, and can be wiped onto your skin.  Easy-peasy!

Pixi Vitamin-C Tonic

One of the many things Pixi does really well is toners.  Not only do they have fantastic formulations, but they’re all very reasonably priced for the quality.  This alcohol-free Vitamin-C Tonic is no exception!

The potent antioxidants help promote healthy collagen production and boost luminosity, while probiotics fortify the skin’s barrier, and fruit extracts along with white willow bark gently exfoliate.  I’ve been using this in conjunction with the brand’s Glow Tonic- I simply tone with Glow Tonic, then use the Vitamin-C Tonic to get an extra antioxidant boost.

Pixi Vitamin-C Serum

Pixi’s Vitamin-C Serum is a brightening antioxidant serum that combines Vitamin C and ferulic acid.  This is one of the most powerful combos when it comes to addressing free radicals and the effects of sun damage, resulting in improved tone, and a smoother, brighter complexion.

I do wish this came in a pump bottle rather than a dropper bottle, as it would help prevent exposure to air each time it’s opened, and I tend to be quite clumsy, being known to spill things…lol.  However, the dropper makes it super easy to dispense the perfect amount, which is really nice.  The formula is easy to spread, and is quickly absorbed, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky.  It also works well with other products layered on top, and doesn’t cause my primer to ball up.

Pixi Vitamin-C Lotion

This skin brightening moisturizer not only contains Vitamin C and ferulic, but also lactic acid, another one of my fave ingredients- and the good stuff is listed toward the beginning of the ingredient list, and it’s just $24.00!  Seriously, this is such a great value considering the impressive ingredient list.

Pixi Vitamin-C Lotion is housed in a convenient opaque squeeze tube that helps protect the antioxidants from degradation resulting from light and air exposure.  It’s very moisturizing, but not overly heavy, so it works well on my acne-prone, sensitive, oily skin.  It’s easily absorbed, and no greasiness.  Definitely a winner!

Pixi Vitamin-C Caviar Balm

Pixi’s Vitamin-C Caviar Balm is a leave-on mask (made in Korea!!!!!) that contains encapsulated Vitamin C,  This potent antioxidant formula helps boost luminosity by promoting collagen production.  Simply massage it onto the face, allowing the encapsulated Vitamin C to sink into the skin.

Like the lotion, this balm is housed in a convenient squeeze tube that also protects the ingredients from exposure to air and light.  I like that it’s a leave-on product, and it’s very soothing.  My fave way to use this is after a long day outside, running and doing yard work in the extreme heat and sun of Louisiana.  Our skin does its best repair work while we sleep, and I like that I can help undo some of the damage caused by the sun.

I’m absolutely thrilled with the Pixi Vitamin-C Skintreats.  I love that the products are formulated with fantastic, proven ingredients.  Another thing I like is that there’s no heavy citrus smell- I often find that Vitamin-C products contain a large amount of fake-smelling fragrance, and end up smelling like a gas station restroom.  No so with Pixi- they have a very light, fresh, natural scent that dissipates quickly.

As always, one of the best things about Pixi is that the prices are extremely reasonable for what you get!  Check it all out at PixiBeauty.com.

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