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Happy April, everyone!

Did you see our posts about the new Pixi Pretties?  (You can read them here, here, and here.)  There was no way I could could do them justice in just one post- SO many great products!  So, I decided to do separate posts for all of them, in alphabetical order.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Weylie Hoang Dimensional Eye Creator kit.  The kit consists of a travel-sized palette with six pigmented, blendable eye shades, and a 2-in-1 Eyeliner Duo with a black kohl pencil on one end, and a liquid felt tip on the other.

Wearing Pixi Weylie 1

The great thing about the Weylie kit is that while the Chloe Morello and Dulce Candy palettes are super-duper fab, the Weylie palette easily fits into my handbag and gym bag.  The colors are SO gorgeous, and she did a wonderful job selecting them because I can create such a plethora of looks with with these six shades.

Pixi Weylie palette

The palette has three shimmers and three mattes, that are buttery soft.  As Pixi shadows have varying degrees of pigmentation, these aren’t as pigmented as other shadows I have, but they’re more pigmented than the Chloe Morello palette.  Pigmentation isn’t everything, though, many high quality products focus on other characteristics.

Pixi x Weylie palette swatches, l to r: Beautis, Bomb, Sista, Potato, Gurl!, Itty Bitty

Pixi x Weylie palette swatches, l to r: Beautis, Bomb, Sista, Potato, Gurl!, Itty Bitty

With Pixi, the shades are some of the most easy to use, blendable formulas I’ve ever tried.  Even the mattes blend seamlessly, whether with another matte, or with a shimmer.  The silky blendability can help almost anyone apply the shades like a pro.

Pixi Weylie eyeliner

The liner is really cool because I don’t have to take two liners with me when I’m traveling.  Plus, this stuff STAYS PUT.  I wore it all day long, even in the Louisiana heat, and it stayed in place, no fading.  Even with my watery, allergy eyes, my wings stayed sharp.  I also had to use eye makeup remover, and a balm cleanser (try the Pixi Double Cleanse!) to take it off, so it’s a really outstanding product.

Wearing Pixi Weylie 2

Be sure to check out our Instagram to see what all I used to create this look!

One of the best things about the Pixi x Weylie Dimensional Eye Creator kit is that it’s just $20.  Yep, just twenty bucks for both the palette AND the liner!  So, hurry up, and head over to PixiBeauty.com NOW!

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