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Hey everyone, happy Hump Day!  It’s been raining here, so it’s been icky.  I had to go to the gym to get my run in, and that was SO boring.  I usually run in the rain since I get soaked with sweat anyway, but it was lightning pretty badly, so no outdoor road run for me. 🙁

At least my day was made brighter by the goodies I got in a package last week from Pixi Beauty.  As I mentioned in this post, they sent a huge box with their new Pixi Pretties products, and they’re SO fab!  I didn’t know where to start, so thankfully Terence Burns on IG has a super-duper feed, as well as great tips.  I decided there was no way I could do each of the Pixi Pretties justice in just one post, so I decided to do them separately.  (Check out our Chloe Morello post here, and keep checking back for our Weylie post!)

Pixi Dulce Candy 4

One of my fave things about Pixi having these “Pretties” is that I can discover influencers I hadn’t previously heard of- and it’s so strange that I hadn’t heard of these ladies, because they’re all absolutely amazing!  Dulce Candy is definitely a new fave- although I didn’t serve as long, and I was a non-combatant, being a veteran, Dulce Candy gets mucho respect from me for having served in Iraq.

Another thing I really like about Dulce Candy is her medium-toned skin.  I’m an Eskimo, and I don’t know of any other Eskimo bloggers, so I try to follow those with medium skin tones so I can discover new looks and colors to try out.  So, all things considered, she’s earned a spot at the top of my list!

Dulce's Lip Candy Sugar & Spice palette

Dulce’s Lip Candy Sugar & Spice palette

So, anywho, on to the makeup!  The Pixi Pretties Dulce Candy collection consists of the Dulce’s Lip Candy Sugar & Spice and the Cafe con Dulce Sweet Glow palettes.  Dulce’s Lip Candy contains nine universally flattering shades that can also be used on cheeks.  Cafe con Dulce contains nine powder to cream pigments- yes powder to cream, not cream to powder!

Cafe con Dulce Sweet Glow palette

Cafe con Dulce Sweet Glow palette

So, the Dulce’s Lip Candy palette has nine gorgeous shades.  I don’t dislike any of them, not even the pinks- which is odd for me because I’m not a fan of pink lipstick, but these aren’t too pinky pink…lol.  I don’t normally use lip palettes for every day wear because I’m usually in a hurry, and it’s too much trouble to get out a lip brush, use it, clean it, etc., much easier to apply directly from the stick.

Dulce's Lip Candy, top to bottom: Fresa, Sirena, Alma, Flor, Pasion, Enamorada, Corazon, Beso, Canela

Dulce’s Lip Candy, top to bottom: Fresa, Sirena, Alma, Flor, Pasion, Enamorada, Corazon, Beso, Canela

But, these colors can be used on both the lips and cheeks, and with the palette, you can mix your own custom shades, even do ombre looks.  So, it’s definitely worth the extra trouble of getting out a lip brush!  The colors glide on, they’re very pigmented, and they last.  I also like that they’re not drying, and don’t make my lips flaky.

Cafe con Dulce, left to right: Morenita, Tamarindo, Bon Bon, Estrella, Pan Dulce, Piruli, Caramelo, Dulce, Brilliante

Cafe con Dulce, left to right: Morenita, Tamarindo, Bon Bon, Estrella, Pan Dulce, Piruli, Caramelo, Dulce, Brilliante

Now, I was really excited about the Cafe con Dulce palette, as I believe this is the first powder to cream formula I’ve tried.  I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive about the possibility of creasing, especially having oily skin.  But, I used a primer on both my face and eyelids, and had no problems with wearing on eyelids and cheeks for six hours.  Probably would have lasted even longer, but it was time for a workout.

Pixi Dulce Candy 3

Let me just say, the shades are not only gorgeous, but the finish from the powder to cream formula is nothing short of stunning.  The colors are somewhat neutral and subdued, but the formula makes them so intense that the result is absolutely amazing.  Plus, they’re so easy to apply and blend, with no fallout.  Be sure to check out our Instagram so you can see all the Pixi products I used to create this look!

Overall, I’m so happy with these two palettes and they’re going to have a regular spot in my routine.  I can see myself using these at least several times per week because the shades are just that fab, and so versatile.  The best part?  They’re just $24.00 each at PixiBeauty.com!

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