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And… I’m back!

Did you see our post about the package I got in the mail from Pixi (read it here)?

Well, I decided to post about each of the new Pixi Pretties collabs separately- there are so many possibilities with different looks, and I didn’t want to have to wait several weeks to post about them all at once.  I just don’t have that much patience…lol!

Pixi Chloe Morello Look 1

So, the Chloe Morello Pretties consist of the Palette Chloette and the Lip Icing in Cake.  The Palette Chloette features Chloe’s favorite hues in silky blush and eye shades, along with a trio of matte eye contour and liner shades that can double as brow powders.  Before I even tried these goodies, one of my fave peeps on Instagram, Terence Burns, was raving about them, and said the mattes can even be used as brows and liners- SO awesome!

Eyeshadow swatches, l to r: Veil, Honeymoon, Fairy Tale, Passion, Lace, Swoon

Eyeshadow swatches, l to r: Veil, Honeymoon, Fairy Tale, Passion, Lace, Swoon

First off, the shades are absolutely gorgeous!  However, the colors are more sheer than other Pixi palettes- if you want a highly-pigmented palette, this isn’t it.  What this IS, though, is very versatile, with shades that are SO silky that they’re super-duper blendable.  The good thing about cosmetics that aren’t highly pigmented (think like Lancome, only silkier) is that they’re more “mistake-proof.”

Blush shades, l to r: Promise, Bouquet, Romance

Blush shades, l to r: Promise, Bouquet, Romance

One of the best things about Pixi is that the brand does a lot of multi-tasking products, so they’re great for travel, or for busy people.  Whenever I’m pressed for time, but still want to look “polished,” I often reach for Pixi.  This is the PERFECT palette for daytime looks, and I just can’t get over how silky everything is.  I mean, the shadows and blushes just glide on, and blend effortlessly.

Matte shades, l to r: Tux, Knot, Unity

Matte shades, l to r: Tux, Knot, Unity

I used the matte shades of shadow on my brows, as Terence suggested, as well as liner.  I used a bit of setting spray on my brush, and got more of a bold line.  I also tried it dry, and got a softer line.  You can do a combo, and really smoke it out for a night time look.  So, this is the perfect palette to take with you during the day, and quickly switch to an evening look if you’re meeting up after work.

Lip Icing in "Cake"

Lip Icing in “Cake”

The Lip Icing in “Cake” is a lip gloss that can be worn alone or as a topper.  It’s got golden shimmer, and it almost looks as if it’s got some pink in there in certain light.  It’s made with Marula oil, so it’s very soothing, and not at all sticky.  Even with the shimmer, you still won’t look gaudy, it’s not a bunch of large chunks of glitter.  It’s fun, yet sophisticated at the same time.

Pixi Chloe Morello Look 2

Another great thing about Pixi is that everything is so reasonably priced.  The palette is just $24.00, and the Lip Icing is only $14.00, so you can get a LOT of fab looks for just $38.00!  I know I’ll get a TON of use from these, just because of how user-friendly and wearable everything is.  Head over to PixiBeauty.com for more info or to purchase!

Btw- be sure to check out our Instagram, we’ll be posting soon so you can see the other Pixi products I used in this look! 😉

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