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Hello!  How’s it going?

If you saw our post about the DERMA E collab box with Whole Foods and SunKissAlba (read it here), then you may have seen the Pacha Soap that was in there… Well, that soap was pretty fab, so I decided it needed its own separate post.

Having been born in Nebraska and raised in Iowa, with my family still in those states, I’ll always be a Midwesterner at heart.  You can take the girl out of the Midwest, but you can’t take the Midwest out of the girl.  My homesickness tends to come through in my writing, and for good reason- there are SO many things I miss!

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There are also a lot of great things that come from the Midwest, and I have a love for socially responsible companies, so I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of Pacha Soap Co. until I received the DERMA E box, especially since they’re based in Nebraska!

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So, anyway, Pacha Soap Company was founded by Abi and Andrew, who started the business in order to serve others.  When Andrew volunteered in Peru, he learned of the needs the people had, especially following severe flooding and the effect it had on an already fragile system.  He thought of how the Peruvian people were connected to the Earth, or “Pacha.”  After discovering many of the children didn’t even know what a bar of soap was, the company was born (Pacha Soap Co., 2017).

The effects this company has had are nothing short of amazing: 1.26 million bars (and counting) of soap given, 75,235 children educated, 235 jobs created, and 2,400 people served through water wells dug (Pacha Soap Co., 2017).  Awesome, huh?

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So, the DERMA E x Whole Foods x SunKissAlba box had a sample of the Pacha Soap Co. Clarifying Charcoal Soap.  This was a pretty generous amount for a “sample,” as it consisted of a brown paper packet with two substantial slivers, or slices, of soap.  I was able to easily break them up to stick one at each sink and in the shower.

I used the soap for my hands and in the shower.  It actually lathered better than I thought it would for a natural formula.  The scent was very fresh, pleasant, and natural, which made it ideal for after a workout or a ten mile run.  The freshness combined with the charcoal was perfect- I stepped out of the shower clean and smelling great, without my skin being stripped of moisture.

The only negative is that we don’t have any Whole Foods stores in our area- the closest one is a new one they just built about 70 miles away.  The good news is that you can order online at, with free shipping on orders over $50, under that is just $4.99.  There are plenty of other options available, as well, so you can stock up.  Happy shopping!



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