Organic Aromas Opulence Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

Organic Aromas Opulence 1


Hey everyone!  Hope you’re all doing super-duper well!

January got off to a chaotic start for us, having had whirlwind visits with all the kiddos- Jerry’s grandsons and my nephews.  It’s never enough time with them!  Plus, I had to deal with a sinus infection, despite taking extra vitamins and doing more hand washing than I already do!

Organic Aromas Opulence 2

The good news is that there are some awesome essential oils out there that can help with relaxation and seemingly easier breathing (provided you get the okay from your healthcare provider).  So, when Organic Aromas released their new Opulence diffuser and sent me one to try out, it was PERFECT timing!

Organic Aromas Opulence 3

As with the previous shipment, the diffuser arrived securely packaged in a thick box.  The box has protective foam with cut-outs for the components- the base, top, adapter, and they even include a sample bottle of oil, mine contained the Energy blend, which I can always use…lol!  There are also two plastic pipettes for cleaning (just use a few drops of alcohol and turn the diffuser on for a bit, then rinse).

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If you read our review on the brand’s Raindrop Diffuser (find it here), then you know that they’re unlike other diffusers on the market.  Organic Aromas diffusers utilize the Bernoulli Principle, where a vacuum is created with air flow (read more here).   So, there’s no heat or moisture to change the characteristics of the oil you’re using- so you’re getting dispersion of pure essential oil.

Organic Aromas Opulence 5

The diffusers from Organic Aromas consist of a base and a blown glass top.  The construction is top notch- they don’t feel “cheap.”  They’re also very classy and sleek looking, with enough variations to please almost everyone.

The Raindrop diffuser has a wood base, whereas this Opulence diffuser has a ceramic base.  It’s got a really mod look, the science-y design is reminiscent of a beaker.  So, as a Trekkie and science nerd, this design really pleases me!

Organic Aromas Opulence 7

Like the Raindrop, the Opulence also has LED mood-lighting, but it’s white instead of color-changing.  If you don’t want the light on, there’s a metal touch sensor button- just touch it and you can turn the light on and off.  So, you can enjoy the benefits pure diffused essential oil without the light.  Also, since it’s LED, there’s no heat to affect the oil even the light is on.

Organic Aromas Opulence 6

I’ve really enjoyed the Raindrop diffuser- it’s held up with no issues, so the products from Organic Aromas are very well made.  Despite the Raindrop working perfectly fine, I’m pleased to have the Opulence now, too, so I don’t have to keep moving it from room to room…lol!

FYI- Organic Aromas also sent more essential oils, so keep checking back as we’ll posting about those, too!  If you want a high-quality essential oil diffuser that doesn’t affect the integrity of the oils, you should check out Organic Aromas!

Organic Aromas Opulence 4